The Pleasure Principle Wins Every Time

When Michael Franti traveled in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine/Israel with his guitar and camera person in the early millennium, he learned that people in war zones — just like people who enjoy some comforts and freedom from daily anxiety about making it through the day in one piece — prefer love songs and celebratory songsContinue reading “The Pleasure Principle Wins Every Time”

State of Emergency

#selfisolation #stateofemergency #March2020 #coronavirus #intheneighbourhood I am grateful to the kind neighbours who make themselves available to those who have difficulty obtaining medicine and provisions. It is so healing to observe the humane and loving attitudes in the neighbourhood. I already took care of this household, days before the state of emergency was declared. IContinue reading “State of Emergency”

Out Of Harm’s Way

Putting yourself out of harm’s way is a quiet and powerful form of self-love. Your body will thank you for your caring forethought. — Message in the meditation on the full moon in Libra to all who resonate, starting with me 1 April 2018 #vitality #luck #serenity #clearing #selfcare #selfparenting #mindfulness

How to Calm Anxiety, By Rick Hanson

May it be of benefit. Cultivating these inner resources will reward you in the long run. Start today. Start small. Repeat. Make a habit of it. (I personally have benefited greatly from the approach. I am fond of it.) It is not only for days when you stay at home. It is for a longContinue reading “How to Calm Anxiety, By Rick Hanson”

Grateful For All the Blessings In Life

Just for today, appreciate yourself, appreciate what is going well for you, appreciate the support and love in your life. Just for today, appreciate your path and its many highlights of your preferences. Because your preferences will be your future, if you honour them. They will be your future too, if you are unconscious ofContinue reading “Grateful For All the Blessings In Life”

For Vimala Thakar

Thank you, Vimala,for not letting me get awaywith excuses. I appreciate how much you caredfor humanity and our future.You wanted everyone to be strong,to live in peace and with heart wisdom. Your diamond-like clarity,your firm approach,your knowing of the psychemake me feel at homeand challenge me. You said,“Spirituality is the seedand social action is theContinue reading “For Vimala Thakar”

Leading With Love: Affirm Yourself

Fun fact: There are steps you make out of self-love and self-respect or to reduce garbage and toxicity. Those actions may appear strict or weird to others, but you are doing them in order to maintain or create a higher level of health, and to live in alignment with your values. Groups who are lessContinue reading “Leading With Love: Affirm Yourself”

Copyright Disclaimer

All materials – words and photos – shared on this website belong to the writer © Nanda Jurela, the owner of this website and blog. I write the words, and I shoot the photographs that support the words, unless I indicate otherwise.  … I provide a link to the artists whose art work I feature – whenContinue reading “Copyright Disclaimer”

Recovery of Identity: Poet

Recovery of Identity: Poet I always intuiteda link betweenwriting and living.That if I gave my bestto live better,I would be given the materialI wanted to write about.That if I put my heartinto writing,I would live betterand align with my wisdom. Once you bring yourselfto the page, day after day,it affects you.You can not pretendthat youContinue reading “Recovery of Identity: Poet”