Breathe In With Appreciation, Breathe Out With Gratitude

Once you notice the feeling you want to feel rising inside you and blooming, hold it like you hold your breath, then release it with gratitude to the All That Is.

“Breathing in, I feel my bliss expanding; breathing out, I thank this life with my bliss.”

Veronica Winters, ‘Presence’. Her art is

Pay attention to it. Savour it. The more often you greet it — the feeling you want to feel –, the more familiar with it you get, the more contentment you will feel in a conscious way and… eventually… you become a home to it.

And, by the way, that is how you get everything you truly want:

Breathe it in. Then breathe it out. Breathe it in, appreciating it. Breathe it out, grateful that you are feeling it.

#mindfulness #emotionalintelligence #breathing #heartmusic #heartwisdom #lovelyvibes


27 June 2017

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