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Poet. Writer. Editor. Translator. Gardener. Water activist. A quarter century of regular reiki practice. 15 years of Friday healing circles for the well-being of all life. Founder of Rainbow Tribe Reiki (2005 – ongoing). I have worn many hats in my life, and my role was to empower clients and the people I have met. In 2014, I came out of supportive hiding and started my journey as a creative. I am a Recovering Artist who writes every day.

I am introducing myself in a poem at: https://nandajurela.com/2020/04/13/example-post-3/

I appreciate your visits to my blog. Come back to be refreshed again.

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I thank the painters and visual artists whose works are featured with my words. I appreciate your visits to their websites. I provide a link under their artwork – whenever I can.

I quote the people whose words I use in some posts.


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