You don’t have to be militant when you refuse something that isn’t good for your health or when you show your boundaries. And you don’t have to be militant when you share something benign and good. Your impatience and triggers are excess energies that you can build with even more of what you consider isContinue reading “Aplomb”

Persistence And Perseverance

Persistence and perseverance will get you everything you want. There are no shortcuts around it. Occasionally, something amazing falls into your lap or crosses your path. But even amazing won’t linger, if you have not cultivated persistence and perseverance. Grow the attitude of “Persistence and Perseverance” if you want to feel luckier and happier andContinue reading “Persistence And Perseverance”


The untriggered state of being is the place of inner power and high creativity. You can claim it by eliminating what you don’t really love and resonate with — which is a lot that you pay attention to during the day. Start eliminating in the humblest ways: instead of getting your mind involved in somethingContinue reading “Untriggered”


is the fuel for all great art. Gratitude is the fuel for your own creativity. In these last weeks of the year, open your treasure trove of memories and experiences that you are grateful for. Happy Sagittarius season. 22 November 2021


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