When you look at your life deeply, you find that all the resources for the life of your dreams, the life that thrills you out of your mind, are already there. Maybe not in the right proportions, but the proportions are yours to change. But all the good things that make you feel “so right”Continue reading “Proportions”

Mother’s Day In 2021

It is a beautiful day to acknowledge the woman who gave you life and the mothers who raised you or touched you. May friendly feelings and peace fill your day. Here is a song for everyone. 9 May 2021

May Day

The ancestors observed this time of pleasure, procreation, connection to welcome the future, the descendants, in style, and to elevate passion, optimism, and confidence.In almost every corner of the Northern hemisphere, this season was marked by fertility rites, marriage rituals, sacred sex, celebrations of new life that speak of gratitude to the earth that enablesContinue reading “May Day”


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