Lyrics Rising In the Quiet

This morning’s meditation left me in stitches. An old song by Tom Waits “surfaced”. “I am going straight to the toooooop… Uuh-yeah. I am going straight to where the air is fresh and cleeeean.” 😄 Pretty good. 22 October 2015

Move On Up!

You can leave behind all your self-soothing activities that perhaps aren’t the best use of time or resources when you remove yourself from major sources of stress, like an unsafe neighbourhood, a highly frustrating work situation, and extremely unequal relationships. That is a somewhat unpopular opinion. Apparently, in a theoretical universe that no one has ever been to,Continue reading “Move On Up!”

A World Of Less Stress

I am grateful to all who are working for a world of less misery, disease and stress. It may be impossible to co-create a world of no misery, no disease, no stress, and perhaps we only truly appreciate contentment, health and relaxation through contrast.. The aim to free yourself of less desirable conditions may beContinue reading “A World Of Less Stress”

Ecological Self

When you make the effort to harmonize with nature, you are being rewarded by a very beautiful state of mind, confidence, receptiveness, and the ability to love. But once you try to harmonize with the manmade world — ugh uuh aaah, it is almost impossible to stay optimistic.. I now understand that that is howContinue reading “Ecological Self”

Happy Birthday, Esperanza Spalding.

“Cinnamon Tree, wise and sturdy, your roots are firm in the ground to soak up what is around and make sweet seasoning” – performed live at … I recommend this 20 min long interview with the inspirational Esperanza to all creatives:


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