Dreamlife Decoded

The people and the places showing up in your dreams are associations with specific experiences, feelings and information that your subconscious wants to bring to your attention. Nightmares are indications that you should be removing yourself from a situation that is not healthy for you, while bland dreams may be invitations to look closer andContinue reading “Dreamlife Decoded”

Alternatives To Overspending

Over 80% of uncluttering ends with the useful clue that you are better off spending your money when you feel balanced or when you feel great. Emotional shopping — that is shopping when you are in acute shock, processing disappointments and grief, fighting with or spiting someone you know, trying to make up for deprivations (of theContinue reading “Alternatives To Overspending”

Earth Send On 9 September 2022

We are meeting in our weekly ReikiSend and in meditation for the well-being of all life on earth. We are centering ourselves in sanity and unity and peace. I am sending a big thank you to all the people who have been participating in our Friday circles since June 2005: I bow to your constancyContinue reading “Earth Send On 9 September 2022”

Earth Send On 2 September 2022

We are meeting in our weekly ReikiSend and in meditation for the well-being of all life on earth. We are grounding ourselves in sanity, unity and peace. We are saying thanks to everything and everyone that has been supporting us, our creative processes, our evolution, our learning, our stability. It is so healing to lingerContinue reading “Earth Send On 2 September 2022”

Earth Send On 12 August 2022

Aloha to all on this beautiful midsummer Friday. We are meeting in our EarthSend and in our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth. As on every Friday in 2022, we are focusing on sanity and unity and peace.  We are also sending love to all who have supported us on our journeys soContinue reading “Earth Send On 12 August 2022”

Prosocial Fixes to Parasocial Fiascos

In 2022, celebrity culture has taught us that if no substance can be offered, it may be better to remain quiet and leave something to the imagination rather than forcibly remove the veil and stun everyone with how stunted in growth, how unable to manage rage or basic personal schedules, how preoccupied by the perception of victimhoodContinue reading “Prosocial Fixes to Parasocial Fiascos”

Earth Send On 29 July 2022

We are meeting in our reiki send and meditation for the well-being of all life on earth. Please pour your gratitude – small and big – into the circle for everything that has been going well lately, for the good news and the good turns in your life so far and long ago, and forContinue reading “Earth Send On 29 July 2022”

Bee Balm Petals

This morning, I tasted, for the first time, bee balm petals. I have had parts of the plant in teas, salads, and stews before, but the petals on their own are a surprising delicacy. Pollinators can’t be wrong. I give them credit. It is one of the best tastes ever! A bit like honey, orangeContinue reading “Bee Balm Petals”

Earth Send On 22 July 2022

We are meeting in our Friday reikisend and meditation for the well-being of all life on earth. This is the sunniest, most sensual, most fragrant, most fertile, most colourful and most relaxed time of the year. So be free to bring everything that pleases you to the circle. Mother earth displays her opulent beauty everyContinue reading “Earth Send On 22 July 2022”

Viva Carlos!

Born On This Day: Carlos Santana A memory of a Santana concert in 2018: Between the songs, Carlos shared highly uplifting ideas about how a collective choice for love can impact the conditions in which we live, heal even unwell situations, make those we come in contact with think in fresh ways, find solutions, stopContinue reading “Viva Carlos!”

Ecological Intelligence Is Intimacy Intelligence

On Living In Harmony With a Diverse World and Choosing What Is For You In It Plants react to other plants by supporting and fostering their growth or by competing and impeding their growth; animals relate to other animals by forming mutually beneficial bonds or by going out of each other’s way. You can concludeContinue reading “Ecological Intelligence Is Intimacy Intelligence”

Gustav Klimt And The Habitat Of Art

Artistic Osmosis: From Appreciation To Skill “Countless colours and tones of colours radiate at the same time with mellow and sharp, sweet and savoury scents.” Gustav Klimt, born on this day in 1862 Oh yes, that is how summer feels, smells, sounds and looks to me! Interesting fact about the painter, apart from being aContinue reading “Gustav Klimt And The Habitat Of Art”

“This Time, It’s Going To Be Different!”

Is Different What Is Best For You, Though? It is quite common to develop attractions to people who remind you of your most frustrating caregiver as a child — especially if you were the member of the family with the potential to heal and who knew how to love (who did not need to learn how toContinue reading ““This Time, It’s Going To Be Different!””

The Nutrients Of Life

It is interesting to realize that many of the things that we fancied (in other words, that I once fancied, too) are not exactly unattainable and that after getting access to them, they are not overly fulfilling, that we idolized them because of ignorance and glamour and not because they had value to us, andContinue reading “The Nutrients Of Life”

Earth Send On 13 May 2022

We are meeting in this Earth Send, holding a vibration of well-being, comfort and peace for all beings on earth.  Ease yourself into meditation by acknowledging everything that you are grateful for. Start with the rewarding practice of reiki or with the calming and creativity boosting practice of meditation. Because of the commitment to your innerContinue reading “Earth Send On 13 May 2022”

Earth Send on 6 May 2022

We are meeting in our reiki send and Friday meditation for the well-being of all life on earth. Let your gratitude bubble up with all the blessings that you enjoy: this beautiful season of dynamic growth in the land (and if you live in the Southern hemisphere, the slow and comforting season of harvest), yourContinue reading “Earth Send on 6 May 2022”

Earth Send On 29 April 2022

We are meeting in our circle for the well-being of all life on earth, in our weekly reiki send and our meditation of thanks and love. The still fresh year has been shocking us with global news that have nothing to do with emotional intelligence, friendliness or fulfilment. Maybe the rest of the year willContinue reading “Earth Send On 29 April 2022”

Earth Send On Earth Day 2022

We are meeting in our weekly ReikiSend and our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth. Drop your gratitude into this circle, so it can bud and blossom and green up and fruit – pretty much in the same way as we watch our local trees do. In the Northern hemisphere, Taurus seasonContinue reading “Earth Send On Earth Day 2022”

Earth Send On 15 April 2022

We are meeting in our circle for the well-being of all life on earth and our reiki send. Drop your gratitude into our circle. It will grow from being heard, absorbed, felt and appreciated.  At a time of great stress and stress-driven awakening in the world, many of us feel out of sync with the collectiveContinue reading “Earth Send On 15 April 2022”