Actions Speak Louder than Words

I have finally understood why men are so eager to convince women of their qualities as a partner. Men have observed two things: that women have lists with items to check off, and that women can be talked out of being serious about those lists. So here is the thing: there is a list forContinue reading “Actions Speak Louder than Words”

Dolce Vita In Autumn

It is so great to have an abundance of cosmos and roses in this season. Pink, white and dark red petals… It is fun to notice that the colours and the profusion of the flowers do affect me subliminally every morning. Here is how: they cheer me up, I feel “I can do this”, andContinue reading “Dolce Vita In Autumn”

Be Like That, Be Like Me

The unusually warm year offers another benefit (beside the warmth): a third growing season for the roses. In the symbolic reading that is an appeal to the heart and to restoring harmony in all our ways. Roses, with their old and long-lasting association of romance and refinement and their aromatherapeutic effects on the heart andContinue reading “Be Like That, Be Like Me”

One On One

The attempt to make everyone happy stems from a desire for love. Ironically, people pleasers almost never get the love they seek and hardly any individual attention or one-on-one interest. The reaction from outside mirrors how they operate: not from their own values, but from the value of gaining wide approval. It is when youContinue reading “One On One”

Awestruck? (Guidance, Hello!) Claim it.

If you ever feel your heart sinking because you were just shown an inspiration, and you catch yourself thinking: “I will never … get the chance.. to – live in a home like that – live in a region like that – have a job like that – drive a car like that – wearContinue reading “Awestruck? (Guidance, Hello!) Claim it.”

Reiki Circle On 16 October 2020

May this day be a breeze and a moment of appreciation for the life we have been given and for the culture of love that we maintain. Our reiki circle is happening all day. Join with reiki and your gratitude any time. Happy new moon. It is in the sign of Libra, in the middleContinue reading “Reiki Circle On 16 October 2020”

If It’s Important, You Make Time For It

Today I am grateful to the teachers who have taught me by example that everything precious to you must become a priority, a structure in your time, something you tend to regularly. Or it sinks in the background, and you forget about it. … That time management could be a mirror of values was aContinue reading “If It’s Important, You Make Time For It”

Happy birthday, Dave!

Dave Born – from Dave Born Designs – is pretty much my favourite designer. His stylish commentaries on current topics, the elegance and the echoing strength of his artwork delight me. I am thrilled to give him more exposure! Here are a few posters he made over the years: For Standing Rock: Water Is Life:Continue reading “Happy birthday, Dave!”