The Feminine In The Past And In The Now

The feminine teaches us how to nurture life and non-cooperation with evil. I learned that from the elders who were women when I was a child. Chances are, so have you. In this time, there is plenty of effort to turn non-cooperation with evil into something only subcultures could be interested in and and toContinue reading “The Feminine In The Past And In The Now”

A Good Day To All Daughters, Sisters And Mothers.

Happy Women’s Day. I thank all women and men who work for a juster world where the feminine can express itself. I look forward to the end of abuse against women and girls, the end of genital mutilation, the end of human trafficking, and to the beginning of cooperation in the human family. I lookContinue reading “A Good Day To All Daughters, Sisters And Mothers.”

I’m So Glad That I’m A Woman.

“We’re the lifeline of mankind, and now is the time for me.” Love Unlimited The iconic song of gratitude still says so much. I often hoped that our contemporary musicians would write songs of this caliber, and I haven’t given up. The good ones do, but they are too few. (And they are too unknownContinue reading “I’m So Glad That I’m A Woman.”

Born On This Day: Maurice Ravel

Maurice Ravel was a perfectionistic, somewhat secretive and super chic composer who loved to entertain his friends and also spent a lot of time in solitude. He seemed to compose “in his mind” before he put it on paper. He thought that he composed too little. His masterpiece Bolero may have been conceived during aContinue reading “Born On This Day: Maurice Ravel”

The Season Of Sunsets

As spring is approaching, the sky delivers spectacular sunsets with a lot of pink. Long brush strokes of pink.  Taking the time to gaze at them is a treat for the eyes, for the morale and for the vital energy. Maybe you consider it as self-care. That is what I will do this year. InContinue reading “The Season Of Sunsets”

Power To Where It Belongs

Radical self-acceptance: Once you are at peace with your own limitations, you can accept the limitations of others. For example: conflict addicts will not hear the subtlety, the sophistication, or the accuracy in your points. They are wired in a completely different way. Let them believe whatever they want to believe. Realizing your own needsContinue reading “Power To Where It Belongs”

Happy Birthday To Julia Cameron.

I need to write a longer writing of thanks to this Lady Of Creativity, whose work has been a companion to me since her first book ‘The Artist’s Way’. I have given The Artist Way to so many creative friends in the 1990s, who back in the day did not really know what to doContinue reading “Happy Birthday To Julia Cameron.”

How Life Feels When You Blossom

–Thanks to Antonio Vivaldi– Antonio Vivaldi was born on this day in 1678. His music has put many of us into a much better state of mind. He managed to convey how life feels when you blossom. I am grateful to his birth, I am grateful to his work, and I am enjoying the blossomingContinue reading “How Life Feels When You Blossom”

Born On This Day: Antonio Vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi was born on this day in 1678, in Venice. His music is exuberance, clarity and celebration, like the sun that warms the air and highlights all that is beautiful, even tickles the grumpy to an inner smile. A non-practising priest (yeah), he praised creation through his fingers. He took pride in completing hisContinue reading “Born On This Day: Antonio Vivaldi”

Wangari Maathai Day / Africa Environment Day

“For me, one of the major reasons to move beyond just the planting of trees was that I have a tendency to look at the causes of a problem. We often preoccupy ourselves with the symptoms, whereas if we went to the root cause of the problems, we would be able to overcome the problemsContinue reading “Wangari Maathai Day / Africa Environment Day”

Herb And Citrus Infused Vinegar

I use citrus peel infused vinegar at home for cleaning. I have found out that chamomile infused vinegar also makes an amazing cleaning agent. Since it is almost spring–spring is in the air, though perhaps not yet in the land–, you might find herb (or peel) infused vinegar a great tonic for this season. ItContinue reading “Herb And Citrus Infused Vinegar”

Discomfort About The Truth, Or Comfort In Truth?

Sometimes people know that they have to change their lives if they fully embrace the truth. And because a big change of routines is not on their agenda, they pretend that they didn’t hear, didn’t see, that they don’t know. So they push it out of their minds, even disconnect from the messengers. Yet changeContinue reading “Discomfort About The Truth, Or Comfort In Truth?”

Kindness Is A Love Language

It is the small gestures of kindness that arrive on time and that suit and soothe the situation that restore faith in humanity. It is the small gestures of kindness that let you know what love is. That love between people is real, palpable and alive — and a lot more than a dream orContinue reading “Kindness Is A Love Language”

Culture Makers and Cultural Unifyers: Food and Music

The most effective, and perhaps least recognized, peacemakers in our world, are food and music. If you like it even a little bit, music and food will connect you in a way that all debates will not. Food or music are the mark of a culture. Food and music keep people in a space longContinue reading “Culture Makers and Cultural Unifyers: Food and Music”