Happy Solstice. Happy Great Conjunction.

It is the first day of the new season: winter up here in the North, summer in the Southern hemisphere. So take that first step into your future today. If you have taken the time to introspect this year, you have found many things to be grateful for and (the opposite!) things to leave in the past;Continue reading “Happy Solstice. Happy Great Conjunction.”

Healing Circle on 18 December

#reikisend #allourrelations #Gaia #wellbeing #Friday We are sending our thanks to everything that is working well in our lives. We are sending light towards the growing well-being of animals, plants, people and waters on earth. We are sending reiki to all who are ready to receive it and to ourselves – the participants in thisContinue reading “Healing Circle on 18 December”

Sit In the Power Of Enough

This morning, in a semi-awake state, my subconscious started to list all the reasons why I had to get out to a plant shop, the most appealing reason being “Tomorrow is my birthday.. It is time to treat myself..” However, I do have enough plants. I mean, I have a lot more plants than the average person.Continue reading “Sit In the Power Of Enough”

The Foresight of the Ancestors

The wisdom of the elders is only a wisdom if the elders were wiser than you — if they made better choices, less harmful choices, were luckier as a result of their decisions, and if they had sense. The reason why we have plenty of extremism instead of wisdom in this era is that theContinue reading “The Foresight of the Ancestors”

We Idolize Those Who Treat Us Unwell (But We Respect Those Who Treat Us Well)

Just like the first great boyfriend who shows us what we have missed on other dates, or the first great girlfriend who lets you feel love instead of confusion, so can the politician who acts on vision and keeps his promise change our perception of what is benign and what is harm. Someone decent andContinue reading “We Idolize Those Who Treat Us Unwell (But We Respect Those Who Treat Us Well)”

Daily Thanks

I am grateful for the freedom to compost thoughts that are unhelpful and untrue. I am grateful for the freedom to promote thoughts that are benign and true. I am grateful for the freedom to tolerate thoughts that are neither benign nor helpful, neither true nor untrue, but somewhere in between. I am free toContinue reading “Daily Thanks”

Drum Medicine

dedicated to Sheila E and Tony Williams, born on this day Percussion is the fastest way to clear the air in the space and bring more warmth to it. Percussion is also very effective for cutting through hypnotic energies, sent out by people who are persuasive, though ignorant and malevolent. (They are among us, likeContinue reading “Drum Medicine”

12/12: A Master Drummers’ Birthday

I listen to the drums to heat up a place, to “flush out” energies and thoughts that I don’t want to keep, to repair myself after disappointments, sadness and upsets, to come back to me, to feel myself again, to find my groove again. The unfriendlier the events, the more percussion I play at home.Continue reading “12/12: A Master Drummers’ Birthday”