The Smell of the Earth in December

Root vegetables smell like the soil they grow in, and the soil that is adapting to the cold season smells faintly of the vegetables and the flowers it was a home to, for months. The garden that was is still here like an idea, because the scents linger. The scent of parsnip and pumpkin lingersContinue reading “The Smell of the Earth in December”

A Christmas Tree Without the Tree

No tree, just lights, in a corner. It is easy to replicate. It fits into small, and even irregular spaces. My mom used to gather needle-tree branches and arrange them in pleasing ways, so that there was a good scent in the home.. I find that nice, too.. With string lights and a few branches,Continue reading “A Christmas Tree Without the Tree”

Decorate Trees In the Soil

Holiday decorations look much better on leafless trees than on evergreen trees. Evergreen trees are already decorated — with their saturated green colours, their needles, their vitality. I don’t know why that couldn’t be a new trend: decorate trees that have lost their leaves and root in the soil. I just walked through my neighbourhood and sawContinue reading “Decorate Trees In the Soil”

Shopping and Sharing, Boosting Value and Values

Support a business near you, support a business you love – every time you can. Go local, if and when you are shopping for the holidays. Keep the money exchange local. Support people whose products and services you love. They can keep supplying you, and you will feel good about how you are spending yourContinue reading “Shopping and Sharing, Boosting Value and Values”

Gifting Season

The more you withhold nurturing your loved ones, the easier you fall prey to advertising. The less nurturing you receive from those you choose to hang out with, the easier you fall prey to advertising (i.e., empty words). The latter phenomenon is rampant in women; the former in men. I won’t go into the discussionContinue reading “Gifting Season”