Healing Circle On 4 June 2021

We are meeting in our healing circle today, acknowledging our blessings, attuning our attitudes to the 5 principles of reiki, giving thanks to what was given to us freely by the earth, by our genetic lines, by our teachers, by all who loved us and love us today, appreciating all that is growing in theContinue reading “Healing Circle On 4 June 2021”

Healing Circle On 26 March 2021

Our healing circle is happening all day, on 26 March. It is an opportunity to connect with your gratitude, with the earth and the elements, with your life force, with the seasonal growth. Spring energizes many people to start new projects, to venture out of the usual routines, to get the body into better shape.Continue reading “Healing Circle On 26 March 2021”

Healing Circle on 18 December

#reikisend #allourrelations #Gaia #wellbeing #Friday We are sending our thanks to everything that is working well in our lives. We are sending light towards the growing well-being of animals, plants, people and waters on earth. We are sending reiki to all who are ready to receive it and to ourselves – the participants in thisContinue reading “Healing Circle on 18 December”

Reiki Circle On 16 October 2020

May this day be a breeze and a moment of appreciation for the life we have been given and for the culture of love that we maintain. Our reiki circle is happening all day. Join with reiki and your gratitude any time. Happy new moon. It is in the sign of Libra, in the middleContinue reading “Reiki Circle On 16 October 2020”

ReikiSend On 11 September 2020

#Friday #reikiday #EarthSend #Gaia #RainbowTribeReiki We are meeting in the circle for the well-being of all life on earth. May this Friday provide pointers about how to live with more balance, more joy of living, and aligned with your potential, purpose and gratitude. Opportunities to elevate your life come every day – if you areContinue reading “ReikiSend On 11 September 2020”

Meditation Focus For Friday, 5 September 2014

May kindness and cooperation connect the human family. May your hands touch with love. May you feel whole and empowered. May you receive the most precious gift: the knowledge that you are loved. Be gentle with yourself. Walk gently on the earth. Observe something wonderful. 6 years ago, also a Friday. The focus is stillContinue reading “Meditation Focus For Friday, 5 September 2014”

Nurture It Forward: EarthSends

One thing I can always rely on, for the last 17 years or so, when I started sending healing to our planet every Friday: Friday turns out good to great. Saturday is better. Yeah, I have been doing it that long. I plan to practise it for life. Friday brings heaven to earth every week.Continue reading “Nurture It Forward: EarthSends”

Reiki Circle in July 2020

We are meeting in the sacred circle and letting reiki flow: May the soils on our planet become alive, nutritious and fertile places. May the waters clean up, keep running, and be pleasant homes to all water animals. May the people use the resources well and live in friendly homes and friendly communities.  Today we areContinue reading “Reiki Circle in July 2020”

Circle On 29 May 2020

We are meeting in our healing circle on Friday. We are giving thanks for our growing skill and loving kindness and for the courage to turn away from what isn’t good for us and what thwarts loving kindness and our well-being. #Friday #healingforwellbeing #Gaia #Gaiasfamily NJ on 28 May 2020

Healing Circle on 22 May 2020

#Friday #healing #wellbeing #waterplanet We are giving thanks to the life we were given and to all the ingredients that keep us alive. We are focusing on the well-being of all living on Gaia, starting with ourselves, our next of kin, our neighbourhood, and from there, moving to the region, continent, finally including our planetContinue reading “Healing Circle on 22 May 2020”

No Virus Is Stronger Than Life

I woke up on Saturday morning and noticed that I had lost two tiny warts, one in my palm, the other on my sole. I have used a lot of solutions on those tiny buggers in the last 7 years. Fig juice (from my parents’ fig trees) shrunk them noticeably, but once I was inContinue reading “No Virus Is Stronger Than Life”

Circle On 8 May 2020

#ReikiCircle #Friday #Gaia It is Friday in the beautiful month of May. We are meeting for our healing session, giving thanks to Earth, our beautiful home, to our own more and more beautiful homes, to human service to healing. We have been given all the resources for our well-being and happy steps. Everyone meant toContinue reading “Circle On 8 May 2020”

Friday after #EarthDay

honour your commitment that you have renewed or chosen on Earth Day. Today we are meeting in our healing circle for the well-being of all life on earth. We say thanks to everything that is good, effortless and beautiful in our life; thanks to the cultivation of emotional stability; thanks to our elders who foughtContinue reading “Friday after #EarthDay”