Co-Weaving With the Earth

Loving the earth with your hands, your actions, your attitude is a powerful and powerfully unifying way to love yourself. Because the earth reciprocates the love it receives. You become more and more conscious of it once you give it a try. Everything alive appreciates love. (Except the human being, maybe, but that is aContinue reading “Co-Weaving With the Earth”

Early Morning Meditation Fruits

Your processing and your ability to respond to a situation (in the way that you desire) changes with the level of stress you are experiencing. The more aware you become of that, and of how much more you are being yourself when at ease and peace, the more compassion you can bring to others, andContinue reading “Early Morning Meditation Fruits”

Live Better. (Life Is Benign.)

The better your day, the higher your capacity to forgive. Strive to have better days. One day your mind will let go of memories that make you sad. No need to fix anything — emotions, outlook, or self-talk. Just live better. Your feelings, thoughts and self-perception will follow behaviour. Forgiveness happens on a side note. Focus onContinue reading “Live Better. (Life Is Benign.)”

Maple’s Gift

Today, I planted 4 maple trees. They started to grow in my pots outdoors. The wind must have blown them into them. I also know from which maple – the one that likes me the best, the healthiest, prettiest and tallest growing near my home. When I moved here, it was a small and distressedContinue reading “Maple’s Gift”