Power To Where It Belongs

Radical self-acceptance: Once you are at peace with your own limitations, you can accept the limitations of others. For example: conflict addicts will not hear the subtlety, the sophistication, or the accuracy in your points. They are wired in a completely different way. Let them believe whatever they want to believe. Realizing your own needsContinue reading “Power To Where It Belongs”

Co-Weaving With the Earth

Loving the earth with your hands, your actions, your attitude is a powerful and powerfully unifying way to love yourself. Because the earth reciprocates the love it receives. You become more and more conscious of it once you give it a try. Everything alive appreciates love. (Except the human being, maybe, but that is aContinue reading “Co-Weaving With the Earth”

Move On Up!

You can leave behind all your self-soothing activities that perhaps aren’t the best use of time or resources when you remove yourself from major sources of stress, like an unsafe neighbourhood, a highly frustrating work situation, and extremely unequal relationships. That is a somewhat unpopular opinion. Apparently, in a theoretical universe that no one has ever been to,Continue reading “Move On Up!”

When the Buck Stops Here

Whole communities are broken because there is no community spirit. Whole families are broken because there is no family spirit. Whole marriages are broken because there is no marriage spirit. Whole friendships are broken because there is no friendship spirit. However, there are situations when the breaking away from the larger community is healthy — not onlyContinue reading “When the Buck Stops Here”

A Centred And Good Life

You know what: it is okay to not believe in many things people believe in.. that sound good in theory, but don’t make people live well. Pick the thoughts that make you live well and make you feel centred… That is self-respect and self-love. From there, magic will start. 3 December 2014