Healing Circle On 4 June 2021

We are meeting in our healing circle today, acknowledging our blessings, attuning our attitudes to the 5 principles of reiki, giving thanks to what was given to us freely by the earth, by our genetic lines, by our teachers, by all who loved us and love us today, appreciating all that is growing in theContinue reading “Healing Circle On 4 June 2021”

With Enough Information And Joy And Success

“We are literally in the last century of this epic struggle between violence + patriarchy and love + nonviolence + the feminine.” Vandana Shiva, at the Permaculture Convergence in Dec 2017 Thanks to my female ancestors and my peers who cultivated the best, tended to the best, and continued the best, despite the chaos andContinue reading “With Enough Information And Joy And Success”

Reconnect To Your Body And To the Earth Body

The world is the world. It is not your projections or someone else’s projections on it. Unless you are a researcher and have looked at a situation very long, observed it from all angles, have first hand experience with the topic, you can rest assured that whatever you pick up has to do with yourContinue reading “Reconnect To Your Body And To the Earth Body”

Co-Weaving With the Earth

Loving the earth with your hands, your actions, your attitude is a powerful and powerfully unifying way to love yourself. Because the earth reciprocates the love it receives. You become more and more conscious of it once you give it a try. Everything alive appreciates love. (Except the human being, maybe, but that is aContinue reading “Co-Weaving With the Earth”

Share From Your Wealth

Make the effort to share from that which is most abundant in you, from all those energies that are overflowing from inside of you. You can not hoard that anyway, and it comes to you so easily that offering your surplus feels pleasant, plentiful and luxurious. Two things none of us has in abundance areContinue reading “Share From Your Wealth”

Beauty Recipes For the Adult Woman

Eat a poor person’s diet: food from the land, not from a fast food chain. Spend no money or time on vices. Stay out of bad relationships. Be a person, not a doll. Care deeply about something: it will show on your face as kindness and love. Learn new things and new skills. Spend timeContinue reading “Beauty Recipes For the Adult Woman”

Meditation Focus For Friday, 5 September 2014

May kindness and cooperation connect the human family. May your hands touch with love. May you feel whole and empowered. May you receive the most precious gift: the knowledge that you are loved. Be gentle with yourself. Walk gently on the earth. Observe something wonderful. 6 years ago, also a Friday. The focus is stillContinue reading “Meditation Focus For Friday, 5 September 2014”

Sounds Of the Living

The difference between the developing and the developed world is that in the developing world you can always hear old men shout somewhere in the background, and dogs bark, whereas in the developed world, you don’t hear a peep from old men and dogs are safely hidden away, and that in the developed world adultContinue reading “Sounds Of the Living”

Unconditional Love

Not only does it exist. You are being given unconditional love right now. It is coming from Gaia. And from your dog, if you have one. Look no further – every other love is conditional. Notice and maintain the source of unconditional love, so it can be and do what it does and support life,Continue reading “Unconditional Love”

Just One Drop Of That Wisdom

“The basis of knowledge is the fire, rock, water, and green. But when that power was given to man, he used it to twist his own mind. Tunkashila gave man just one drop of that wisdom.”  –Wallace Black Elk, Lakota Elder “All My Relations, the wisdom disappeared and a thing came in called self-will. Self-willContinue reading “Just One Drop Of That Wisdom”

All Fundamentalists Sound the Same:

the earth’s health, justice and peace, safety and affluence for all are not on their agenda at all. Instead, they are dedicated to controlling sexual behaviour, reproductive choices, the information people absorb and other personal preferences. In the big picture, the latter topics are quite irrelevant, even though they do aggravate individual lives. However, theContinue reading “All Fundamentalists Sound the Same:”

Nurture It Forward: EarthSends

One thing I can always rely on, for the last 17 years or so, when I started sending healing to our planet every Friday: Friday turns out good to great. Saturday is better. Yeah, I have been doing it that long. I plan to practise it for life. Friday brings heaven to earth every week.Continue reading “Nurture It Forward: EarthSends”

Bread and Games and Americana

Sometimes I wonder about what people in 200 years will think of us. Will they conclude that we were sick with self-obsession, greed, lack of moral courage, utter disregard of the ecology, addictions to entertainment and substances, in other words, self-chosen slavery to states that made it possible to ignore most of the horrors corporations,Continue reading “Bread and Games and Americana”

Expensive Promises

#newage #outoftouchwithreality #verbalunlivedphilosophies #phonyteachers #tooexpensive The attempt to liberate yourself from programming and negative, cyclical experiences belongs to psychology, not to spirituality. Although it feels great to be free, and it is very rewarding to use energy for the aim of self-liberation, a lot of gurus and new agers have nothing to offer beyond that.Continue reading “Expensive Promises”

Gift to the Giver

How many of your blessings do you enjoy simply by living on earth? Is it fair to say that the earth provided almost everything that adds to your health and happiness? Why don’t you find a spot you enjoy on this day and tell the earth, “Thank You for Everything”? “Thank you for everything IContinue reading “Gift to the Giver”

Thanks On a Friday in March 2020

Thanks to the water that is hydrating and refreshing our bodies and the bodies of all animals that share our watershed. Thanks to the soil for all our sustenance and for providing natural entertainment to growers, gardeners, walkers, hikers and a playground for children and animal children. Thanks to the sky for the air that weContinue reading “Thanks On a Friday in March 2020”

Keep Your Home, Daughter of the Earth

After a long journey,home feels so good, so welcoming,so refreshing yet fully familiar. After the long journey of the mind,you arrive at home again,your innate spirituality,your belonging to mother Earth. She gives you the same welcomeand comfort and sense of sanitythat all your travels couldn’t— because she is home. Why would you changefor a trip,orContinue reading “Keep Your Home, Daughter of the Earth”

Beauty Is Remembering…

It is not the earth plane that beats us up. The earth plane is incredibly nurturing and patient, full of pleasure and harmony. What beats us up is the world plane. What is meant by that is the manmade world, fabrications of the mind that have manifested, or are extending, into reality. That is whereContinue reading “Beauty Is Remembering…”