Healing Circle on 4 February 2022

Time flies when you are having fun.. It is Friday again, and we are meeting in our weekly healing circle for the well-being of all life. If you have used this unusual situation to clean up your life and to reorganize yourself, you will reap the benefits soon. Acknowledge yourself just for today! If youContinue reading “Healing Circle on 4 February 2022”

Freshen Up – From The Outside In

I have observed many times how decluttering affects mood in a very positive way. It can start right away. Within the same week, your perception gets sharp, you feel more alive, you have new courage… I am not sure why visual clutter is so distracting, but I sense that it disconnects you from feeling andContinue reading “Freshen Up – From The Outside In”

Choose the Best And Let Go Of the Rest

As you clear out your wardrobe and only keep clothes that suit you, fit well, excite you, flatter you, and make you happy, you can clear out your schedule and keep only habits that suit you, fit you well, excite you, flatter you, and make you happy. The process is a bit longer, but veryContinue reading “Choose the Best And Let Go Of the Rest”

Pick and Maintain

Keeping and polishing your best stuff is an art quite like keeping memories that give you purpose, make you smile and nurture you… and vice versa, as within, so without, as without, so within: the process of decluttering helps you to lighten up; the process of dwelling on experiences that uplift you and give you meaningContinue reading “Pick and Maintain”

Pearl After Pearl

We have been offered predictions that are the opposite of a loving and fulfilling future. No one owes you a loving and fulfilling future. But life has also given you a radiant heart and a masterful mind capable of creating a loving and fulfilling future. And hands, legs, feet, the entire chakra system – fine-vibrationalContinue reading “Pearl After Pearl”