Rain, the Muse, and Musings On the Rain In the Wet Microseason

In Early May, After Many Days Of Rain The spring in rain that preps the soil for production is a great metaphor for the ingredient that will let the scales fall from our eyes. We notice what plants have been growing, sprouting and stretching. We notice that the streets look clean and well-kept. Plants have alertedContinue reading “Rain, the Muse, and Musings On the Rain In the Wet Microseason”

Spring Cleaning, Getting Ready For Love

“Dust those wintry bowers, wash them out with April showers, cover them with fragrant flowers, shine up the silvery moon. ’Cause soon you and I have a rendezvous under the sky, like we used to do. Spring cleaning, getting ready for love.”  — Fats Waller, in Spring Cleaning (Getting Ready for Love) A few days ago,Continue reading “Spring Cleaning, Getting Ready For Love”

Healing Circle on 4 February 2022

Time flies when you are having fun.. It is Friday again, and we are meeting in our weekly healing circle for the well-being of all life. If you have used this unusual situation to clean up your life and to reorganize yourself, you will reap the benefits soon. Acknowledge yourself just for today! If youContinue reading “Healing Circle on 4 February 2022”