Sun On Water

Do you knowthe music the lake makeswhen the sun of spring warms it? The snow that clung to the ice melts into water.Sun rays break the ice underwater into candles of ice.They rub and chime and clangin the meltwater, in the waves. This is the music the water makeswhen it changesfrom the frozen state toContinue reading “Sun On Water”


A good reminder of how interconnected we are with our watershed. Very sound points. Our culture needs more sanity to express caring rather than the controversies we get bombarded with every day that distract everyone from doing what is possible and from forging right relationships with the elements we depend on: water, air, and earth.Continue reading “Watershed”

Tru Earth Detergent Strips

Tru Earth, a Canadian company, is offering a plastic-free detergent strip that is affordable, easy to order (from their website), and so uncomplicated, light-weight and small in size that perhaps you can win your friends and family over to a low waste lifestyle too. I will try it soon too. I usually only recommend thingsContinue reading “Tru Earth Detergent Strips”

Beauty Recipes For the Adult Woman

Eat a poor person’s diet: food from the land, not from a fast food chain. Spend no money or time on vices. Stay out of bad relationships. Be a person, not a doll. Care deeply about something: it will show on your face as kindness and love. Learn new things and new skills. Spend timeContinue reading “Beauty Recipes For the Adult Woman”

Born On this Day: Courtney Milne

Courtney Milne, born 77 years ago ( – last day in August 2010), was a nature-adoring photographer from Saskatchewan, Canada. I am especially fond of his photos with magenta and pink elements… I used several of them before for my intuitive writings, because they fit seamlessly with my messages. Oh, Libras… and their appreciation forContinue reading “Born On this Day: Courtney Milne”

Nature’s Flotation Tanks

Nature provides flotation tank therapy for free — in all its bodies of water. You can go at night, or in the evening, or before dawn. Or you can close your eyes while you let yourself move with the waves and the breeze. Enjoy it while you can. 26 September 2016 #water#pleasure #meditation #quiet #creativityContinue reading “Nature’s Flotation Tanks”

Washed In Love

“Washed in love” feels like being heated by sunlight and cooled by saltwater in summer. It is neither cold nor too hot, just right. Soothing and restoring, inner treasures are coming to surface, cells are chuckling and humming, a very organic feeling. Almost unnoticeable, not too different from “normal”, except that all perceptions have slowedContinue reading “Washed In Love”

Desert Harvesters With Brad Lancaster

“Plant the rain. Plant the living pumps. Grow more life.” Brad Lancaster, Tucson Very impressive model that can work in many arid regions…. Starting with one home, a neighbourhood was transformed into a regenerative, green, friendly place with a few tweaks, salvaged materials, low cost experiments and designs.. The movie is almost 1 h long.Continue reading “Desert Harvesters With Brad Lancaster”