Earth Send On 3 March 2023

We are sending out gratitude to all our blessings, as we come together to this Earth Send and this meditation for the well-being of all our relations. If you have asked for reiki, if you are in crisis and in need of spiritual assistance and if you are ready to receive, reiki is on theContinue reading “Earth Send On 3 March 2023”

March Equinox In 2019

Enter a marvy new season. Spring is here. At last. Happy Equinox. May positive surprises make you smile all season long. May good ideas come into your mind so you can manifest them. And, may your circle be supportive and fun and like family. I have said it before, I will say it again: thisContinue reading “March Equinox In 2019”

Itchy Green Fingers

$100 spent on seeds can feed a family and provide hours of bliss while you take care of your plants. Do not skimp on the earth. Get the best quality soil. The sun shines on everything. But rich, healthy, alive earth is the key for magic and goodness. I am not talking symbolically, though youContinue reading “Itchy Green Fingers”