Earth Send On 23 September 2022

Thanks to all who have already started to send reiki and love today. Our circle for the well-being of all life on earth is on until this Friday is over. A friendly new season to everyone. A lot of changes are in the air. Even if you have sift through the stuff you want toContinue reading “Earth Send On 23 September 2022”

March Equinox In 2019

Enter a marvy new season. Spring is here. At last. Happy Equinox. May positive surprises make you smile all season long. May good ideas come into your mind so you can manifest them. And, may your circle be supportive and fun and like family. I have said it before, I will say it again: thisContinue reading “March Equinox In 2019”

From Water To Wood, From Winter to Spring

A seasonal observation: Now that the snow and ice are melting on the surface of the earth that can not absorb it all at once, the notion that water – turning from its frozen state to liquid – is a metaphor for love waking up to itself doesn’t seem so far fetched at all. TheContinue reading “From Water To Wood, From Winter to Spring”

Two Portions Of Gratitude, One Portion Of Love

There is a thirst in us for appreciation. It is both a thirst to be appreciated and a thirst to appreciate. There is a need in us for gratitude. It is both a need to hear thank you and a need to feel thank you. May we be led to the sources of water. MayContinue reading “Two Portions Of Gratitude, One Portion Of Love”

Co-Create Abundance In Your Corner Of the World

If on this Equinox you are smitten with the abundance in nature, you can decide to participate in it in the coming year. Maybe there is a shift in attitude you can lean into, or a series of steady actions towards enjoying and co-creating abundance in your corner of the world. Now is a goodContinue reading “Co-Create Abundance In Your Corner Of the World”