Earth Send On 13 January 2023

We are meeting again in our earth send and in our Friday meditation for the well-being of all life on earth. I have an abundance of news that I think will be useful to you. I will pack these discoveries and handy revelations into my reiki send essays of the coming months. As I type,Continue reading “Earth Send On 13 January 2023”

Earth Send On 6 January 2023

We are bringing our anticipation about this fresh New Year and our gratitude to the journey so far into our Circle today. Reiki is flowing to everyone who is ready to receive it and to everyone taking part in today’s Earth Send. Light and prayers are going out to all who asked for a boostContinue reading “Earth Send On 6 January 2023”

Earth Send On 23 September 2022

Thanks to all who have already started to send reiki and love today. Our circle for the well-being of all life on earth is on until this Friday is over. A friendly new season to everyone. A lot of changes are in the air. Even if you have sift through the stuff you want toContinue reading “Earth Send On 23 September 2022”

Earth Send On 12 August 2022

Aloha to all on this beautiful midsummer Friday. We are meeting in our EarthSend and in our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth. As on every Friday in 2022, we are focusing on sanity and unity and peace.  We are also sending love to all who have supported us on our journeys soContinue reading “Earth Send On 12 August 2022”

Earth Send On 29 July 2022

We are meeting in our reiki send and meditation for the well-being of all life on earth. Please pour your gratitude – small and big – into the circle for everything that has been going well lately, for the good news and the good turns in your life so far and long ago, and forContinue reading “Earth Send On 29 July 2022”

The Nutrients Of Life

It is interesting to realize that many of the things that we fancied (in other words, that I once fancied, too) are not exactly unattainable and that after getting access to them, they are not overly fulfilling, that we idolized them because of ignorance and glamour and not because they had value to us, andContinue reading “The Nutrients Of Life”

Earth Send on 6 May 2022

We are meeting in our reiki send and Friday meditation for the well-being of all life on earth. Let your gratitude bubble up with all the blessings that you enjoy: this beautiful season of dynamic growth in the land (and if you live in the Southern hemisphere, the slow and comforting season of harvest), yourContinue reading “Earth Send on 6 May 2022”

Earth Send On 18 March 2022

Happy Reiki Circle Day. Happy Friday. Happy full moon. Happy early spring. Today, we are meeting in gratitude for all the blessings that we have not celebrated enough and for the blessings that are coming our way in this fresh season of tree budding and new growth. In many countries, pandemic measures are being liftedContinue reading “Earth Send On 18 March 2022”

EarthSend On 11 March 2022

We are meeting in our weekly meditation for the well-being of all life, in our reikisend, in our circle of gratitude. On this Friday, we are holding the energies of well-being, purification and harmony, and we are stabilizing peace in our region, in our country, on our continent and on Gaia. Please view last week’sContinue reading “EarthSend On 11 March 2022”

EarthSend On 4 March 2022

We are meeting in our meditation for the well-being of all life and in our weekly reikisend. The wise have taught us how to find our love and poise even in the most trying of conditions. The last weeks have given us plenty of situations to apply everything that we have learned over the years.Continue reading “EarthSend On 4 March 2022”

EarthSend On 18 February 2022

It is a fresh Friday morning, and we are meeting again in meditation for the well-being of all life on earth and in our worldwide, weekly reiki circle. May this day shower you with inspiration, friendly feelings and love. Train your mind to detect all that you can be grateful for and to linger inContinue reading “EarthSend On 18 February 2022”

Blueprint Of Attraction

My grandmother looked at vegetables with the same admiration and awe rose gardeners direct at their roses, art buffs direct at the most exquisite paintings, women direct at the shoes and fancy dresses they really want to buy. While working in the garden, she would call me over, her eyes lit and smiling, and pointContinue reading “Blueprint Of Attraction”