The Nutrients Of Life

It is interesting to realize that many of the things that we fancied (in other words, that I once fancied, too) are not exactly unattainable and that after getting access to them, they are not overly fulfilling, that we idolized them because of ignorance and glamour and not because they had value to us, and that many of them ended up being harmful and a form of self-sabotage.

A parallel comes to mind that has to do with nutrition: we know that vegetables are fueling, healing and restoring our bodies, and that in order to be healthy, we need to eat vegetables and fruit, drink plenty of water, get enough rest and exercise. However, we convince ourselves that the approach is too parental, too prosaic, too formulaic and that we “need” some other things in order to feel good.

When you conceive of all your desires as food, would your desires be the equivalent of vegetables, fruit, water, sleep, rest and exercise? Or would they be the equivalent of sugar, drugs, sleep deprivation, turmoil and distraction?

After I trained my mind to view experiences as nutrients, it became easy to see what elements in my life were veggies, fruit and positive contributions and what elements were there to direct me to regrettable choices.

I recommend that you use this analogy about nutrition to think about your decisions and what is meaningful in the long run.

5 June 2022


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