Earth Send On 13 May 2022

Hug Gaia, by unknown sculpturist (personal image collection)

We are meeting in this Earth Send, holding a vibration of well-being, comfort and peace for all beings on earth. 

Ease yourself into meditation by acknowledging everything that you are grateful for. Start with the rewarding practice of reiki or with the calming and creativity boosting practice of meditation. Because of the commitment to your inner growth, to mindfulness and to developing your skills, you are where you are now.. .You would be in a different place, had you prioritized other interests in the past. 

Send gratitude to everyone you served and whose life you improved. 

Send gratitude to this Circle that has been going strong for almost 17 years and to all the healing that you have participated in. Some sessions were memorable and phenomenal, others were subtle and quiet empowerments. You made yourself available to it all. In the times when you were not actively applying reiki, you moved your life to unanticipated levels of harmony. You let go of a lot of habits and views that were no longer helpful. You cultivated a longer attention span, self-love and enjoyable, more wholesome interests. 

Express your gratitude to this planet that has been part of your evolution, too, and has been giving you water, food, beautiful views, purpose and friends. 

Until the end of the year 2022, we will be focusing on well-being and peace for all life, on comfort for all regions on Gaia, and on repair and stability for the ecology. Maybe we can not stop all winds and volatility, but we can broadcast constructive attitudes, appreciation, love and constancy. 

2022 is already a pretty tumultuous year. For that reason, it is a good time for many of us to enroll in therapy and heal traumas that keep us from realizing our potential. Stepping back from what doesn’t work and fine-tuning the trajectory of the future towards happiness, integration and agency is a gift that will keep giving. 

I include me in this advice. I have survived more “compost” than the average person. I suspect that everyone who comes to healing while young, as it was the case for me, arrives there because terrible things happened. Healing is probably not that intriguing to people whose path was pleasant and easy. Such people fulfil their desires and life plans long before healing shows up on the radar. 

I am glad that I started early, but I know what brought me there, and that without pain and without surviving a lot of what I don’t wish on my enemies, I would have spent time on yachts instead of on introspection. 

No regrets. It is all good. 

May this Friday comb through all the knots in your energy field and leave you silky, lustrous and revitalized. 

Moon in Libra days are an adorable time of the month. The energy is so inviting and lovely today.

13 May 2022

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