Earth Send on 24 March 2023

Welcome to our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth and our first earth send in the spring (or in the autumn, if you are in the global south) of 2023. The new season initiates the agricultural and the astrological new year. Iran held onto the concept that nature knows best when weContinue reading “Earth Send on 24 March 2023”

Earth Send On 17 March 2023

Welcome to our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth and our weekly reiki send. People, animals and places ready to receive reiki and everyone who requested healing are getting it today. I am full of gratitude for the journey, as today is a round anniversary in my biography, too. In fact, IContinue reading “Earth Send On 17 March 2023”

Earth Send On 10 March 2023

We are meeting in our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth and in our reiki send. Everyone who has asked for spiritual assistance and is ready to receive it is getting reiki in less than an hour. People and animals in distress or without a roof over their head and no optionContinue reading “Earth Send On 10 March 2023”

Earth Send On 3 March 2023

We are sending out gratitude to all our blessings, as we come together to this Earth Send and this meditation for the well-being of all our relations. If you have asked for reiki, if you are in crisis and in need of spiritual assistance and if you are ready to receive, reiki is on theContinue reading “Earth Send On 3 March 2023”

Earth Send On 24 February 2023

Welcome to this day’s meditation for the well-being of all, our circle of gratitude to Gaia and all other providers, and our reiki send. Reiki is going out to all who can receive it and have asked for it. Gratitude and respect flows to all the people and situations that have brought us here. Let’sContinue reading “Earth Send On 24 February 2023”

This Is Tomorrow Calling

“While history is telling you the same old thing, this is tomorrow calling, let’s stick a new oar in. This is tomorrow calling, y’all, and come on in.” Lyrics sung by Bryan Ferry Maybe you have heard versions of the idea that “some people can not show their love too well”. There is a distinctionContinue reading “This Is Tomorrow Calling”

The Journey Within

Without self-reflection, there is no happiness. The happiness of those who do not introspect is random and unmaintainable, neither robust nor progressive. Those who do introspect can grow their good states, identify, extend and maximize them. With that awareness, they can bring joy to their community: people witness them and get curious, the anxious andContinue reading “The Journey Within”

Earth Send On 10 February 2023

My Actions Are My Only True Belongings – Thich Nhat Hanh We are meeting in our meditation for all life on earth and in the Friday Earth Send. We are pouring gratitude into this Circle — recalling all the good conditions, positive surprises, developments and securities that are already ours. May everything that we areContinue reading “Earth Send On 10 February 2023”

Earth Send On 3 February 2023

Sowing the Seeds Of Love We are sending out our gratitude to life and to the conditions that let us live and live better than before — before we start this Earth Send. Assume for a moment that you have taken a lot for granted, and to an objective observer entering your world, you seemContinue reading “Earth Send On 3 February 2023”

Earth Send On 27 January 2023

Welcome to another meditation for the well-being of all life on earth and to our Friday earth send. Reiki is going out to all who can take it and have asked for it. Light is going out to all who resonate and can use it. Love and gratitude are going out to our network andContinue reading “Earth Send On 27 January 2023”

Godfather Cat

— Dedicated to Maya Angelou’s insight “when they show you who they are, believe them” and to Marlon Brando’s facial expressions in The Godfather — Years ago, in a different neighbourhood, a grumpy cat caught my attention. He did not bother anyone. In fact, he avoided being approached by sitting far away from the action,Continue reading “Godfather Cat”

Welcome To The Year Of The Rabbit

A new lunar year, the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. Rabbits are representations of the arts, gentleness, resourcefulness and, if you read between the lines, of peace and prosperity and prosperity through peace. According to this interpretation, the coming months should be more constructive than 2022, marked by higher discernment, the opportunity to get involvedContinue reading “Welcome To The Year Of The Rabbit”

Earth Send On 13 January 2023

We are meeting again in our earth send and in our Friday meditation for the well-being of all life on earth. I have an abundance of news that I think will be useful to you. I will pack these discoveries and handy revelations into my reiki send essays of the coming months. As I type,Continue reading “Earth Send On 13 January 2023”

Earth Send On 6 January 2023

We are bringing our anticipation about this fresh New Year and our gratitude to the journey so far into our Circle today. Reiki is flowing to everyone who is ready to receive it and to everyone taking part in today’s Earth Send. Light and prayers are going out to all who asked for a boostContinue reading “Earth Send On 6 January 2023”

Your New Glasses Of Gratitude

When you start putting on the lenses of gratitude — from rose coloured glasses to a magnifying glass to a microscope –, you start noticing things: maybe your eyes wandered to crises, trouble and troublemakers too much, trying to help, pacify and bring relief, and you didn’t please yourself enough with the pleasant conditions inContinue reading “Your New Glasses Of Gratitude”

Earth Send On 30 December 2022

We are meeting in meditation for the well-being of all life, our session of gratitude and our reiki send. Everyone who has asked for reiki and can receive it is getting it today. All our participants are being bathed in reiki and blessings. The earth, our shared home, is being bathed in love and ourContinue reading “Earth Send On 30 December 2022”

The Perfect Staple: Oven-Baked Vegetables

So after long experimentation with different ways of preparing food, I discovered that baked, now reinterpreted as oven-roasted vegetables are the tastiest food that I can live on, until I don’t have to eat anymore. So easy to digest, fuss-free and immensely versatile. The flavour combinations are pretty much endless, especially when you change upContinue reading “The Perfect Staple: Oven-Baked Vegetables”

Celebrate Liberation From Slipups Rather Than Failure

At times, people feel compelled to keep their failures or heart breaks or pain in place by dwelling on them, by speaking and writing about them, almost as if they are proud of having that experience under their belt. That can grow into a nasty habit. Usually, it does — if you do not workContinue reading “Celebrate Liberation From Slipups Rather Than Failure”

At Home In The Snow Storm On 23 December 2022

Home As A Representation Of Healthy Boundaries “When we are at home with ourselves, we are at home everywhere in the world. When we have found peace within ourselves, peace and love follow us wherever we go.” Eknath Easwaran A heavy snow storm reminds me of an argumentative person without self-control who will take downContinue reading “At Home In The Snow Storm On 23 December 2022”

Earth Send On 23 December 2022

Please join our meditation for the well-being of all life and our Earth Send. Due to the extreme weather – snow blizzard, intense wind and the risk of losing power any moment -, my gadget use is minimal today. I am uplifting our Circle without sharing too many words. May your gratitude and your heart’sContinue reading “Earth Send On 23 December 2022”