Reconnect To Your Body And To the Earth Body

The world is the world. It is not your projections or someone else’s projections on it. Unless you are a researcher and have looked at a situation very long, observed it from all angles, have first hand experience with the topic, you can rest assured that whatever you pick up has to do with yourContinue reading “Reconnect To Your Body And To the Earth Body”

New Moon In January, New Moon In Capricorn: What Will You Grow?

New moon is such a juicy time of the month: cleansing, balmy, receptive, and a tad electric.  I know that I am not the only person who likes the ambience on new moons. Many people, especially those who have an excess of heat in the body, in the emotions, or in the thoughts appreciate theContinue reading “New Moon In January, New Moon In Capricorn: What Will You Grow?”

Co-Weaving With the Earth

Loving the earth with your hands, your actions, your attitude is a powerful and powerfully unifying way to love yourself. Because the earth reciprocates the love it receives. You become more and more conscious of it once you give it a try. Everything alive appreciates love. (Except the human being, maybe, but that is aContinue reading “Co-Weaving With the Earth”

Be Angry Or Fix the Problem

You can be angry, or you can fix the problem. So what, if it takes years to fix? Is it better to search for all the reasons that will raise your blood pressure for a few hours and make you feel justified, even ardently “woke” for a few months, or is it better to pressContinue reading “Be Angry Or Fix the Problem”

How to Bring People Back From Delusion to What Is Real

This afternoon, I overheard this intelligent and useful approach when dealing with people who have been brainwashed and may be unable to admit it, but would benefit from your kindness and skill, so that they can leave the past in the past. … “There is something very powerful about being part of a group that taps intoContinue reading “How to Bring People Back From Delusion to What Is Real”

Early Morning Meditation Fruits

Your processing and your ability to respond to a situation (in the way that you desire) changes with the level of stress you are experiencing. The more aware you become of that, and of how much more you are being yourself when at ease and peace, the more compassion you can bring to others, andContinue reading “Early Morning Meditation Fruits”

Your Calendar In 2021

In less than two weeks, the US administration will change. It is my opinion that the president was a mirror to people who don’t want to learn and do their work, but sit on their gadgets every night to complain. Mind you, he had authority while he was complaining; he was not the helpless adolescentContinue reading “Your Calendar In 2021”

Born On This Day: Aloe Blacc

Here is a recent interview with Aloe. I mentioned him in my piece Projecting Into the Future: The Image of Success In Western Society – A Transformation From Charlie Sheen To Aloe Blacc I also feel that his 2020 album All Love Everything was the Album of the Year. Much appreciation to Aloe. Happy birthday,Continue reading “Born On This Day: Aloe Blacc”