You don’t have to be militant when you refuse something that isn’t good for your health or when you show your boundaries. And you don’t have to be militant when you share something benign and good. Your impatience and triggers are excess energies that you can build with even more of what you consider isContinue reading “Aplomb”

Persistence And Perseverance

Persistence and perseverance will get you everything you want. There are no shortcuts around it. Occasionally, something amazing falls into your lap or crosses your path. But even amazing won’t linger, if you have not cultivated persistence and perseverance. Grow the attitude of “Persistence and Perseverance” if you want to feel luckier and happier andContinue reading “Persistence And Perseverance”

Sailing Through a Major Crisis

A situation like the one we are living through since 2020 asks two basic questions: – What will I do to bring more joy into my life? – What will I do to bring more joy to other beings? It is a pity that only a minority of people took the time to wonder whatContinue reading “Sailing Through a Major Crisis”

Family Culture And Its Long Ramifications

A lot of people forget, or don’t dare to look into it deeply enough, that extremism of whatever form can be traced back to childhood, namely the experiences of abuse and neglect in childhood. The neglected and abused young person will go to a source of love when and in whatever way it offers itself.Continue reading “Family Culture And Its Long Ramifications”

Work Hard And Be Nice

Oh, I didn’t quite expect that my pause from the virtual world would end up being so long. I aim to write more, and to reach out more, in the new year 2022. All the reasons why I chose to be in the real world more in 2021 are valid, still. However, there is aContinue reading “Work Hard And Be Nice”

Be Happy For the Owners Of What You Desire

Another Perspective On Mudita, Sympathetic Joy Be happy for those who enjoy what you would like or cherish too. Scarcity mindset (that surfaces in attitudes such as “Why should X get what I never had?“) causes the ego more pain, and has no effect on those who are basking in good fortune and are radiantContinue reading “Be Happy For the Owners Of What You Desire”


The untriggered state of being is the place of inner power and high creativity. You can claim it by eliminating what you don’t really love and resonate with — which is a lot that you pay attention to during the day. Start eliminating in the humblest ways: instead of getting your mind involved in somethingContinue reading “Untriggered”

Leaf Mulch Feeds and Improves Your Soil

It is fall and garden clean-up time in the Northern hemisphere. Mother nature in her wisdom offers an abundant, free, nutrient rich, toxin-free and stabilizing soil amendment in the forms of falling leaves. Your perennials will appreciate the layer of dried leaves, and your soil will be healthier in the next growing season. Maroon toContinue reading “Leaf Mulch Feeds and Improves Your Soil”

Healing Circle On 9 July 2021

We are meeting in our ReikiSend on this beautiful summer day. Thanks to the earth for meeting our every need. Thanks to the sun for supporting and growing life. Thanks to water for refreshing, cleaning and teaching us. Thanks to the air for letting us breathe, notice and hear. Thanks to love for the revelationContinue reading “Healing Circle On 9 July 2021”

Born On This Day: Diego Velasquez

The ambitious and highly amazing Diego Velazquez was born on this day, in 1599. His paintings are more than subjective shots of a moment in time, they are “movies” that tell a story to the eyes four centuries later. He worked tirelessly. Thanks to him, Spain recognized painting as a fine art. From then on,Continue reading “Born On This Day: Diego Velasquez”

Healing Circle On 4 June 2021

We are meeting in our healing circle today, acknowledging our blessings, attuning our attitudes to the 5 principles of reiki, giving thanks to what was given to us freely by the earth, by our genetic lines, by our teachers, by all who loved us and love us today, appreciating all that is growing in theContinue reading “Healing Circle On 4 June 2021”

Happy Birthday To Paul Weller

Since starting his career in music as a teen, Paul Weller has been a prolific songwriter and a memorable singer of messages that move the soul and are often easy to dance or groove to. He has no plan to retire. Paul Weller loves music too much. Lucky for us fans and future fans. SinceContinue reading “Happy Birthday To Paul Weller”

While Out In the Sun

Three days of intense sun, and the roses are ready to bloom. Maybe that is how your most precious ideas can blossom too: expose them to the sun — the light of your awareness — and to the heat — your love. And what appeared to be some unidentified branches in the wind will beContinue reading “While Out In the Sun”

Happy Round Birthday To Joy Harjo

While living in the Canadian West in the new millennium, I discovered Joy Harjo. Her poetry and her artful recollections of how she took care of her small children, while still being enrolled in education moved me immensely. It gave me strength and the motivation to persevere in a situation that most people can not handle. SometimesContinue reading “Happy Round Birthday To Joy Harjo”

Healing Circle On Friday, 30 April 2021

This Friday, we are envisioning the end of the pandemic.  This Friday, we are also sending out our gratitude and love to Life and healing to where it can be received.  Reiki will go out from my end a few times today.  My corner of the earth is greening up fast. Our province may beContinue reading “Healing Circle On Friday, 30 April 2021”