Late October—Liminal Time

The veil between the visible and invisible world is thin now. Here is a thank you to all our ancestors, in my own words from last summer: Life is an immeasurable blessing, an offering of love, an opportunity to bring peace and freshness to all living beings — you got it, because your ancestors cooperated.Continue reading “Late October—Liminal Time”

Class – No Compromise, No Exceptions

Have Confidence In Your Guidance! Your husband, your wife is not coming when you desperately hold onto fuck boys or fuck girls. Your income is not where you want it to be because you don’t let yourself think clearly. You find yourself in soap operas, not even of your own making, instead of in aContinue reading “Class – No Compromise, No Exceptions”

Move On Up! Was Published by The Innovation

My writing Move On Up! was published by The Innovation on Medium, and has brought me a lot more readers than I have had in a while and new followers too. You can also follow me on Medium, because I plan to write a lot in the coming year, after things settle down a bitContinue reading “Move On Up! Was Published by The Innovation”

Move On Up!

You can leave behind all your self-soothing activities that perhaps aren’t the best use of time or resources when you remove yourself from major sources of stress, like an unsafe neighbourhood, a highly frustrating work situation, and extremely unequal relationships. That is a somewhat unpopular opinion. Apparently, in a theoretical universe that no one has ever been to,Continue reading “Move On Up!”

A World Of Less Stress

I am grateful to all who are working for a world of less misery, disease and stress. It may be impossible to co-create a world of no misery, no disease, no stress, and perhaps we only truly appreciate contentment, health and relaxation through contrast.. The aim to free yourself of less desirable conditions may beContinue reading “A World Of Less Stress”