Felt Contentment

I have arrived at the insight that contentment, and the sense of being lucky and blessed on which it rests, is not only subjective (because your self-assessment weighs more than random opinion), but also a matter of discipline. That is bad news for the young and the impatient. It is also an opportunity to evaluateContinue reading “Felt Contentment”

Growing the Skill, Growing Yourself – Practice for Life

Deprivation causes the desire, though not the skill. In order to gain the skill, you have to practise. You are practising to gain the skill. You are practising not for approvalor for admirationfrom the benign,nor to defend yourselfagainst the envious. The merit in the practiceis that you are growing in the skill. The skill youContinue reading “Growing the Skill, Growing Yourself – Practice for Life”

Thanks On a Friday in March 2020

Thanks to the water that is hydrating and refreshing our bodies and the bodies of all animals that share our watershed. Thanks to the soil for all our sustenance and for providing natural entertainment to growers, gardeners, walkers, hikers and a playground for children and animal children. Thanks to the sky for the air that weContinue reading “Thanks On a Friday in March 2020”

This is what practice is for:

That we can say in our own words what the wise have said.That we talk through our lives what the great ones have talked about.That we release all attachments to wrongdoing.That we bond deeper with right action, right livelihood.That we grow the courage to be the people we want to be.That we refresh and renewContinue reading “This is what practice is for:”