Gargle With Hydrogen Peroxide

#antiviral #antibacterial #hydrogenperoxide #water #mouthwash #remedy Here is a good remedy to curb and reduce infections. Keep a bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide in your bath room, so you have it on hand. My sister, a dentist, who blogs at, recommended the mouth wash of hydrogen peroxide and water in her newsletter, pointing outContinue reading “Gargle With Hydrogen Peroxide”

“How Have Your Views Changed Since Covid19?”

There has been a minimal change in my views on life as such, but a big change in my perception of leadership. There are actually very few leaders, and most of them are not in leadership positions. Those who sit in leadership positions tell themselves that they are handling “the situation” in a great way,Continue reading ““How Have Your Views Changed Since Covid19?””

Contagious Gardening

On Sunday, I visited my old garden, the one I grew from scratch on poor soil and against all warnings by neighbours who thought that I was “doing that son of a bitch of a landlord a favour that he did not deserve” – let’s say, I had more reactions of incomprehension than curiosity orContinue reading “Contagious Gardening”

Thanks On a Friday in March 2020

Thanks to the water that is hydrating and refreshing our bodies and the bodies of all animals that share our watershed. Thanks to the soil for all our sustenance and for providing natural entertainment to growers, gardeners, walkers, hikers and a playground for children and animal children. Thanks to the sky for the air that weContinue reading “Thanks On a Friday in March 2020”

Plant-Based In Spring 2020

Keep your immune system strong with nutrient rich plant based food and ancestral foods. Although only few of our ancestors would have identified as vegans (lucky, if you can claim that), consider that their diet may have been 60% vegan and about 90% vegetarian. (Meat was highly prized, because it was rare and consumed atContinue reading “Plant-Based In Spring 2020”

Essential Workers During the Quarantine 2020

#essentialworkers #covid19 I have watched a number of essential workers holding back and fighting with their tears when I told them “Thank you for everything you are doing for us in this time.” I notice more women work in essential jobs than men. About 60% or so. Whatever the gender, it is a small thingContinue reading “Essential Workers During the Quarantine 2020”

Quarantine 2020

#socialdistancing #spring2020#qualitytime #withfamily #withself This unusual “off time” is an opportunity – to become comfortable with all your emotions and befriend yourself even more than you thought was possible– to teach your child, your children, your spouse, anyone who makes demands on your time emotional intelligence – by example, by example, of course– to makeContinue reading “Quarantine 2020”

Integral, Integration, Integrity

– Summer 2020 Is Still About the Heart – I mentioned before that this spring (the covid19 situation) has revealed the hearts of people. This summer will reveal even more about the heart. It is your choice whether you want to recognize or ignore, accept or resist what you are discovering. #2020revelations #integration #anahata

Togetherness While Sheltering-In-Place

As the covid19 measures are easing up in many countries, and life is (slowly) returning to what it was before, I hope that those who and that what you love is more in the centre of your everyday life – not just in the invisible realm of your thoughts and feelings, but in the wayContinue reading “Togetherness While Sheltering-In-Place”

Heroes – Before and While Sheltering In Place

Our next Friday circle will be a tribute to “Just for today, I will honour my elders and teachers” (reiki rule). My posts follow that principle quite regularly, because I honour a spiritual or creative ancestor on his/her birthday, in some cases, a sibling, and in rare cases, a spiritual descendant – because I seeContinue reading “Heroes – Before and While Sheltering In Place”