Hear Your Heart, In This Pause

Propagation Station in April 2020 – NJ

#covid19 #shelteringinplace #beathome #hearyourheart

My stress levels have been lowered significantly since I work from home and go out only for specific tasks.

I am very grateful for that.

I shop less, carry lighter bags home, feel free to ignore boring stuff, and notice the good, albeit in unusual places, and am quite fascinated by it.

Now if this situation was permanent, I would hardly be talking like that, but this situation is transient, only a pause, and a highly welcome pause.

My compassion goes out to all who ignored “the writings on the wall”. I hope that the emotions they are feeling now will help them question why they keep ignoring signs Gaia has been sending us.

While this is going on, it is more than okay to be grateful for the collective experience of coming home, that is, coming back into the heart.

If you think about it, in the past, many of the most powerful spiritual teachers awakened into their higher self while in prison.

In comparison, being at home is gentle, hardly a punishment, and an opportunity to wake up into the higher self.

If you want to take that opportunity, and listen to your heart, listen to your heart more than to the news, and claim what you hear as what is yours, you might surprise yourself, perhaps even blow your own mind. Hearing your heart may be what you have been asking for, for some time.

I know that I am not the only one in our overworked era to find this pause from many distractions and burdens to be liberating and an easy time to love.

I have noticed that a number of complainers complain less and think more, and that a number of people with compulsions are showing up in constructive ways that are new and cool. A bit of introspection heals everyone… It is good to notice that.

And more respect for the people who help you stay healthy or heal is a very good direction that benefits more or less everyone.

Use this time to grow the good and improve what needs improving, especially your relationships and your service.

People who felt or knew that they would die soon have expressed that the greatest regrets about their choices in the past were about relationships, quality time, that they deprived themselves of joy, or of their creativity, and that they should have cut themselves off from bitter and deadening experiences earlier. This is a good time to think about the type of life you want to look back on one day.

Peace and may you discover what satisfies you and dig into that satisfaction tonight, in the coming hours, at the earliest time possible.

Blessings to love, our biggest teacher.


15 April 2020

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