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Earth Send On 17 March 2023

Welcome to our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth and our weekly reiki send. People, animals and places ready to receive reiki and everyone who requested healing are getting it today. I am full of gratitude for the journey, as today is a round anniversary in my biography, too. In fact, I…

Earth Send On 10 March 2023

We are meeting in our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth and in our reiki send. Everyone who has asked for spiritual assistance and is ready to receive it is getting reiki in less than an hour. People and animals in distress or without a roof over their head and no option…

Earth Send On 3 March 2023

We are sending out gratitude to all our blessings, as we come together to this Earth Send and this meditation for the well-being of all our relations. If you have asked for reiki, if you are in crisis and in need of spiritual assistance and if you are ready to receive, reiki is on the…

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