Be a Lover. Bond In the Good.

Cindy and Carlos Santana in concert, on 27 April 2011. Photo © RD/ Kabik/ Retna Digital

For May Day: #romanceinlove #loveinromance 

At one of his recent concerts, Carlos Santana said many healing truths that made me approve of myself and many of my decisions a lot more.

I was very moved by the synergy within the band and how they give their music to the highest good of all. Because it is May Day, I want to share a moment between Carlos and his wife Cindy Blackman Santana who plays the drums in the band. After she finished her (magnificent) solo, he commented on it with such open admiration and thrill, as if he was hearing it for the first time, as if it was an extraordinary moment to him too — although he must hear her play every single day, at rehearsal and at home.

That was great to witness.

I have mentioned many times that the two are (clearly) the embodiments of the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine in this time on earth, and I can’t claim that I was surprised by his sincere expression of “WOW”, and yet — those small things matter.

When something unbelievably gorgeous is being given to you — by the person you are close to –, acknowledge it, be their fan. Savour the feeling of being alive and refreshed, motivated to become a higher version of yourself, grateful to your own luck. Don’t act like it is “just another day”. Compliment.

Be generous. It changes the air. Be a lover.

#takeinthegood #bondinthegood

#santosha #delight




1 May 2018

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