Show Up For the Good

When you show up for the good, you do not only participate in and claim this success, you also f e e l successful. That too will let you tolerate the attitudes of your enemies who show up for the opposite things — to cheer for war, pain, discord, hatred, negativity — and the attitudesContinue reading “Show Up For the Good”

Jog Your Brain Into New Territory

It is not only “boss” to draw the best out of every situation and bring your mind to acknowledge what is good about where you are now and what you want to remember in the future, it also activates a new way of looking at life that is fun and very sane. You will noticeContinue reading “Jog Your Brain Into New Territory”

Be a Lover. Bond In the Good.

For May Day: #romanceinlove #loveinromanceĀ  At one of his recent concerts, Carlos Santana said many healing truths that made me approve of myself and many of my decisions a lot more. I was very moved by the synergy within the band and how they give their music to the highest good of all. Because itContinue reading “Be a Lover. Bond In the Good.”