Jog Your Brain Into New Territory

It is not only “boss” to draw the best out of every situation and bring your mind to acknowledge what is good about where you are now and what you want to remember in the future, it also activates a new way of looking at life that is fun and very sane. You will noticeContinue reading “Jog Your Brain Into New Territory”

The Hundred Steps Diet

The food that tastes best grows in your own garden. And just like that, your inner being grows by how you water it and how you feed your foundation. In return, it nurtures you, it gives you the energy to continue. Your inner being grows its power and its beauty from your time and trustContinue reading “The Hundred Steps Diet”

Spiritual Awakening

It is my experience that spiritual awakening is like a movie that features a newcomer to an old neighbourhood who starts a garden. People pass by, drop off their beer cans and junk into it. The garden matures, starts to feed them and their senses, comforts them, gives them pride in their neighbourhood, lets themContinue reading “Spiritual Awakening”

Secure In the Earth

Your roots go deep into the earthwhere you find water, nutrients and strengthto grow tall and open yourselfto the sun, the sourceof light, of life, of love that endures,to keep your spine straightand welcome the gift from above:life force, heat, and illumination.While winds blowover you, through you, then scatter and stop,you shield those for whomContinue reading “Secure In the Earth”