Shopping and Sharing, Boosting Value and Values

Support a business near you, support a business you love – every time you can. Go local, if and when you are shopping for the holidays. Keep the money exchange local. Support people whose products and services you love. They can keep supplying you, and you will feel good about how you are spending yourContinue reading “Shopping and Sharing, Boosting Value and Values”

The Hundred Steps Diet

The food that tastes best grows in your own garden. And just like that, your inner being grows by how you water it and how you feed your foundation. In return, it nurtures you, it gives you the energy to continue. Your inner being grows its power and its beauty from your time and trustContinue reading “The Hundred Steps Diet”

The Gift of the Garden

If you have a prolific, tough, self-sufficient weed that is also medicinal, edible and highly attractive like purslane, don’t throw it in the compost. Give it its own place to shine. I have placed pots with purslane that I collected in garden beds while weeding all over the sunny spots of my garden. I enjoyContinue reading “The Gift of the Garden”