To Have Incarnated In the Body Of a Woman Is a Fine Bliss

In my mind’s eye, I am seeing a scene from a parallel universe: the Creator with a magic wand and some helpers breathing into clay figures the awareness that will live in them… “Surely we can’t give her the body of a man. That would be a huge loss to us all… and no fitContinue reading “To Have Incarnated In the Body Of a Woman Is a Fine Bliss”

The Gift of the Garden

If you have a prolific, tough, self-sufficient weed that is also medicinal, edible and highly attractive like purslane, don’t throw it in the compost. Give it its own place to shine. I have placed pots with purslane that I collected in garden beds while weeding all over the sunny spots of my garden. I enjoyContinue reading “The Gift of the Garden”

Prepared for Emergencies

#Gaia #resourcefulness #allinthesameboat #notthefirstnotthelastcrisis #emergencypreparedness I prefer to be prepared – for any disaster – if I can be… Not everything is in our power to control, but how you face shocking news is almost always in your control. You know very well – if you read even 10% of messages I posted since 2011,Continue reading “Prepared for Emergencies”