Mushrooms, A Rich Source Of Vitamin D

Winter is root vegetable and mushroom season. Mushrooms are naturally high in vitamin D, but you can boost their vitamin D content by giving them a midday sun bath, before preparing them. 4 January 2022 There is plenty of information about it when you look for it. How about this:

While Out In the Sun

Three days of intense sun, and the roses are ready to bloom. Maybe that is how your most precious ideas can blossom too: expose them to the sun — the light of your awareness — and to the heat — your love. And what appeared to be some unidentified branches in the wind will beContinue reading “While Out In the Sun”

Sun And Earth In Relationship

The first impression of the day, coming right out of the dream: the diversity and the abundance of the earth. It is there for our health. It is there because the sun is warming all the seeds that are in the soil. The sun’s warmth brings all that grows to fruition, the visible and theContinue reading “Sun And Earth In Relationship”

Summer Is Heaven

Summer is heaven. I feel in my element. Summer is my time. Everything but the mosquitoes contributes to my well-being. I could easily live in a hot climate. I love the freedom of wearing thin and few garments. I love the feeling of the sun on my skin — effortless contentment, it feels so nurturing.Continue reading “Summer Is Heaven”