Sun On Water

Do you know
the music the lake makes
when the sun of spring warms it?

The snow that clung to the ice melts into water.
Sun rays break the ice underwater into candles of ice.
They rub and chime and clang
in the meltwater, in the waves.

This is the music the water makes
when it changes
from the frozen state to the liquid.

We are water too.
Water is what we are made of.

Do you know
what happens to you
when the sun in you, your passion,
suffuses your being,
what rhythms emerge,
what a place of wonder you become,
how all that you were
is all that you are now, only in flow –
by heating up?

Can you feel the music you make
while you change
from the frozen state to the liquid?

Let the season do its work.
Be what you are, now in flow.
Be the water that trusts its worth.
Let it rub, chime and clang.
Let it play.

You will hear the music
you make
while the light in you warms you.

Earth Day 2015

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