Earth Day 2020

Staying plastic-free during the pandemic has become very challenging. Most people claim that it is almost impossible in most regions.

If you have embarked on a zero waste journey too, all I can say now is that the process (research and new choices) is something no one can take away from us – and that as soon we have access to unpackaged goods again, we can amp up our efforts to free ourselves from single use plastics, packaging, and new plastic objects.

Ironically enough, most young plants grow very well in plastic containers. Maybe that is something you can aim for: to have plastics only for growing plants and in specific items that do not come in other materials as of now.

If one household eliminates its plastic consumption and reduces its plastic garbage, the impact on the ecology is not huge, but it is huge for that family. They act as an inspiration to others who are beginning to awaken too.

I have seen a lot of change in the last 5 – 10 years in that regard, that people contemplate what they can do. When I told my old neighbours in the previous building that I am going plastic-free, there was no critique or disbelief at all, actually, all of them admitted that they had thought of it themselves too, just hadn’t followed through on the idea. That showed me that the time was ripe – that many are considering it, just need a bit of guidance or make the decision to call this day 1 of no plastic and wake up the next day and call it day 2 of no plastic.

Perhaps you are thinking about it too or you are upset about this pause to your zero waste efforts.. I am grateful to observe that we are on the verge of a trend.. and that there is enough insight that we are the people who will not add to more plastic garbage to the oceans. That we are the people who will shrink the plastic junk on the planet.

That… or our kids, nephews, nieces will resent us – because we left them with one more thing to deal with. Or we will end up with regrets, because we missed doing that one thing we could have easily done…

Happy Earth Day.

May the waters within and without become friendly and clean places.

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