Actions As Our Only Belongings and People Power 

“My actions are my only true belongings.” – Thich Nhat Hanh Too much energy has been spent on observing the bully and bullies, analyzing their personality profiles, motivations and unspoken, often unspeakable, tabooed desires and aspirations, dancing around their needs and tantrums, predicting their next steps. Who is being forgotten in this effort to makeContinue reading “Actions As Our Only Belongings and People Power “

Co-Create Abundance In Your Corner Of the World

If on this Equinox you are smitten with the abundance in nature, you can decide to participate in it in the coming year. Maybe there is a shift in attitude you can lean into, or a series of steady actions towards enjoying and co-creating abundance in your corner of the world. Now is a goodContinue reading “Co-Create Abundance In Your Corner Of the World”