The Common, Reliable, Repeatable And Abundant

The most satisfying things are rarely highlights. They do not take enormous effort, anxiety, resources to obtain, and they are almost never scarce. On the contrary, many are repeatable experiences that make you feel good and ready to face life as it is. Excitement is overvalued. Almost everyone turns into an adrenaline junkie before anContinue reading “The Common, Reliable, Repeatable And Abundant”

Co-Create Abundance In Your Corner Of the World

If on this Equinox you are smitten with the abundance in nature, you can decide to participate in it in the coming year. Maybe there is a shift in attitude you can lean into, or a series of steady actions towards enjoying and co-creating abundance in your corner of the world. Now is a goodContinue reading “Co-Create Abundance In Your Corner Of the World”