Earth Send On 17 March 2023

Welcome to our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth and our weekly reiki send. People, animals and places ready to receive reiki and everyone who requested healing are getting it today. I am full of gratitude for the journey, as today is a round anniversary in my biography, too. In fact, IContinue reading “Earth Send On 17 March 2023”

Alternatives To Overspending

Over 80% of uncluttering ends with the useful clue that you are better off spending your money when you feel balanced or when you feel great. Emotional shopping — that is shopping when you are in acute shock, processing disappointments and grief, fighting with or spiting someone you know, trying to make up for deprivations (of theContinue reading “Alternatives To Overspending”

The Common, Reliable, Repeatable And Abundant

The most satisfying things are rarely highlights. They do not take enormous effort, anxiety, resources to obtain, and they are almost never scarce. On the contrary, many are repeatable experiences that make you feel good and ready to face life as it is. Excitement is overvalued. Almost everyone turns into an adrenaline junkie before anContinue reading “The Common, Reliable, Repeatable And Abundant”

It Goes On: Nature And Life

When you garden, some plants die… and they become compost, new earth, for the others. Yet, when you look at the garden, you see life, you see thriving, not decay, and you nurture the plants that keep growing. (You don’t water the plants that have given up.) In the same way, move your attention toContinue reading “It Goes On: Nature And Life”

Live Better. (Life Is Benign.)

The better your day, the higher your capacity to forgive. Strive to have better days. One day your mind will let go of memories that make you sad. No need to fix anything — emotions, outlook, or self-talk. Just live better. Your feelings, thoughts and self-perception will follow behaviour. Forgiveness happens on a side note. Focus onContinue reading “Live Better. (Life Is Benign.)”

For All Seasons

Reiki teaches us to recognize our elders and spiritual teachers. For we are their continuation, and they live in us. The Divine Feminine reveals to us that life itself is the guru, both unendingly patient and unendingly productive, how to make an appealing home for the inner teacher, and how to shine in the powerContinue reading “For All Seasons”

Knowing It and Knowing About It: the Nonverbal and the Verbal

The less mysterious it is, the easier you can talk about it. But life without mystery is an illusion, merely a head trip. And love without mystery, are you kidding me, can that even be called love? And so what is most precious to us can not be (fully) put in words. Even the bestContinue reading “Knowing It and Knowing About It: the Nonverbal and the Verbal”

70% Happiness

You don’t have to work hard to be happy. What you have to do is relax more. Take care of your health. And choose your friends wisely. As ordinary as it sounds, company determines how you feel about life. Most human problems, and nearly all grief, are due to company: the wrong crowd, shallow bonds,Continue reading “70% Happiness”