Gifts and Gifts Opened

Image credit to Kakao TV. Korean style gift wrapping.

You can not control life. You can not control love. Wisdom, however, is anything but random and unpredictable. Wisdom is the choice for life to be as it is and for love to come as it is. Wisdom never fights life or love; by definition that would not be wisdom.

Wisdom is a reward to the individual and conscious mind; while life and love are gifts that are not earned and do not discriminate between the conscious and the unconscious.

One can conclude that wisdom is the student of the wild and the enigmatic, though always revealing life and love.

While life remains a riddle, love and wisdom can be cultivated.

You cultivate love and wisdom receptively and actively. Once you cultivate love and wisdom, your life becomes yours: you claim it, you define it; life becomes your time, your direction, your good, your enjoyment.

Love and wisdom enrich life, while life invites wisdom and inspires love.

4 December 2016

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