The Problem Of Our Time and Culture: There Are No Elders

The problem with not having old people in positions of counsel (and I am not talking of 45 year old or 55 year olds, I am talking of a long and profound experience of life and the ability to make sense of it, coupled with love for humanity, in a senior) is that there isContinue reading “The Problem Of Our Time and Culture: There Are No Elders”

Carlos’ Words

“You know, where we are today is instead of giving somebody a fish or teaching somebody how to fish, let us investigate who owns the lake. Keep it pristine. Don’t pollute it. Don’t trash your water, your mind, your body.” Carl♡s Santana, born on 20 July 1947 I appreciate the food for thought and theContinue reading “Carlos’ Words”

Don’t Shoot the Messenger. Just Examine Him.

If you want to keep your mind serving you and stay free of interference by people who have their own agendas, their own flaws, their own destinations, their own demands on you… And if you want to arrive at an objective conclusion about what the facts are and what needs to be done and whatContinue reading “Don’t Shoot the Messenger. Just Examine Him.”

Release Them to Their Journeys

– To the Underappreciated – Those who seek triggers for their growth can not recognize the solid, nurturing people in their life. Those who seek the knife overlook the soothing. Like those who are addicted to chaos can not perceive the enlightened, those who are addicted to strife can not perceive the loving. If theyContinue reading “Release Them to Their Journeys”