Release Them to Their Journeys

– To the Underappreciated –

Byyyeeeee. / Free picture.

Those who seek triggers for their growth can not recognize the solid, nurturing people in their life.

Those who seek the knife overlook the soothing.

Like those who are addicted to chaos can not perceive the enlightened, those who are addicted to strife can not perceive the loving.

If they do perceive them, even manage to express a bit of gratitude here and there, a bit of awe here and there, they return to their default mode, because what they need and crave for their growth is pain. Until, they can not do that anymore and start thinking of their past and their preferences… and then, hopefully, outgrow them.

To expect appreciation from people who are so self-involved and unfree is a mistake. Release them to their journeys. Do not give them the power to affect your sense of self. You also don’t have to parent them. If their mommas and their dads could not influence them, don’t be so sure that you can.

12 August 2019

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