Full Self-Acceptance vs. Perpetual Transformation

Painting by Graham Gercken, Stream Reflections

Constant transformation can be an addiction too.

About eight years ago, I had the hunch that self-hate and the resistance to accept themselves is what turned people, and a whole culture (North America and the new age community, for example), into transformation junkies.

It is great to change for the better, to upgrade your style, to savour the effects… But when you catch yourself changing your tone constantly, and trying on new personalities like costumes, ask yourself what you can not accept about yourself. And why you are so willing to trade in your calm centre for it?

Mindfulness, which is another term for a non-distracted way of living, and self-kindness will help you find peace with how you really are. It lets you discover a very deep self-respect that radiates out. Not only that: it is for life. While all kicks are temporary, often followed by the need to detox from them, and never address self-aversion or the craving to shop for yet another philosophy with a short life span.

You gain more from mindfulness and radical self-acceptance and you lose your addictions and your enemies – those who hate you when you are strong. And the time you gain from that allows you to pour your energy into something you care about.

Try it. You’ll be amazed.

24 May 2015

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