The Actual Pandemic

I don’t know how many of you checked the numbers of deaths in the last two years. In British Columbia and in California, the North American West, deaths from overdoses have been much higher than deaths from covid infections. I bet that most of the world has similar statistics. There has been a lot ofContinue reading “The Actual Pandemic”

Alcohol Ban In South Africa In 2020

This is a very interesting article by Janet Gourand about the effects of a regional alcohol ban during the pandemic. I am quoting her statistics that should give you a pause: “Murder cases reduced by 72% Rape cases reduced by 87% GBH reduced by 85% Armed Robbery decreased by 69% Domestic violence decreased by 69%Continue reading “Alcohol Ban In South Africa In 2020”

Sober House Project

Four teenagers in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan have decided to be proactive about the healing in their own community, and proposed a project called Sober House to City Council. They were met with enthusiastic support. 6 communities in the province of Saskatchewan have already adopted the Sober House Project. May many more follow. Thanks to Ayla,Continue reading “Sober House Project”

How to Bring People Back From Delusion to What Is Real

This afternoon, I overheard this intelligent and useful approach when dealing with people who have been brainwashed and may be unable to admit it, but would benefit from your kindness and skill, so that they can leave the past in the past. … “There is something very powerful about being part of a group that taps intoContinue reading “How to Bring People Back From Delusion to What Is Real”

New Sobriety Movements

For the record, I endorse them all! I find it great that people are giving life without toxic substances a chance, and that so many are choosing a sober life style. I cheer to every person who gets free from crutches and from addictions. In the last years, I read about indigenous communities in CentralContinue reading “New Sobriety Movements”

Just Another Day In the Era Of Lies

Examine everything. A lot of money is being made with misinformation. A lot of people will believe anything that will either soothe them or cause a desired emotional state. That is not the path to the facts or the path to the truth. A healthy scepticism is the appropriate mindset in the era of lies.Continue reading “Just Another Day In the Era Of Lies”

The Intoxicated Mind at a Time of Ecocide and Mass Extinction of Many Species

It is obvious that many elected “leaders” in our era are puppets to an insane and callous system, horrible and sick people in every sense of the word, neither working for their voters nor the country they claim to love and would sell at a moment’s notice without remorse. What surprises me is that theyContinue reading “The Intoxicated Mind at a Time of Ecocide and Mass Extinction of Many Species”

Claim Your Mind

The readiness to defend jerks at all costs, be they politicians, thinkers, people of influence, or gurus, just to be right and feel the short-lived “satisfaction” of rubbing it into another person’s face, is why we have the politicians we have, and why psychopaths can mess with the minds of the masses and are notContinue reading “Claim Your Mind”

The Free One (Ode to Frenemies)

Sometimes they despise you because you are not as depressed as they are. Sometimes they despise you because you are the love they want to be. Sometimes they despise you because you have the vision they wish they had. Sometimes they despise you because you embody what they had hoped for. They just expected itContinue reading “The Free One (Ode to Frenemies)”

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

Nothing upsets an ill-willed person more than noticing how well-treated and respected you are. Closely following that is your praise of good people in your life and of the good people you admire. Know that they are fuming, even when they don’t show it. The opposite applies too: those who are good-willed and have yourContinue reading “Separating the Wheat from the Chaff”

Full Self-Acceptance vs. Perpetual Transformation

Constant transformation can be an addiction too. About eight years ago, I had the hunch that self-hate and the resistance to accept themselves is what turned people, and a whole culture (North America and the new age community, for example), into transformation junkies. It is great to change for the better, to upgrade your style,Continue reading “Full Self-Acceptance vs. Perpetual Transformation”

Because We Have to Evolve

Unfortunately, culture is not accustomed to nonalcoholic or postalcoholic philosophies and arts and very ungenerous to the brilliance of nonalcoholic thinkers and artists. That will change in the future. NJ 23 June 2019