Happy Birthday To Paul Weller

Since starting his career in music as a teen, Paul Weller has been a prolific songwriter and a memorable singer of messages that move the soul and are often easy to dance or groove to. He has no plan to retire. Paul Weller loves music too much. Lucky for us fans and future fans. SinceContinue reading “Happy Birthday To Paul Weller”

Alcohol Ban In South Africa In 2020

This is a very interesting article by Janet Gourand about the effects of a regional alcohol ban during the pandemic. I am quoting her statistics that should give you a pause: “Murder cases reduced by 72% Rape cases reduced by 87% GBH reduced by 85% Armed Robbery decreased by 69% Domestic violence decreased by 69%Continue reading “Alcohol Ban In South Africa In 2020”

Lockdown # 2 In Ontario

Ooooh, we are heading into lockdown number 2 after Boxing Day.. It will go for weeks… I don’t know how business can survive that.. But for domestic life, here is a second chance for closeness and more harmony between people who live together, for renewed focus on home matters, for the creation of a futureContinue reading “Lockdown # 2 In Ontario”