Lockdown # 2 In Ontario

Illustration by Delphine Balme. Find more of her charming artwork at her website. @ https://www.delphinebalme.com/

Ooooh, we are heading into lockdown number 2 after Boxing Day.. It will go for weeks…

I don’t know how business can survive that..

But for domestic life, here is a second chance for closeness and more harmony between people who live together, for renewed focus on home matters, for the creation of a future you are excited by.

Okay, I know that not everyone uses this opportunity in a constructive way.. But it is there now, if you grasp it.. A lot of people who work hard get added time to enjoy their children, their partner, their pets… — for whom they work. A lot of people who want to change careers, want to start their own business, or wonder if they can turn a hobby into a new source of income but “never have the time” to change their routines can do it now. People who want to change their diet to plant-based can make these changes without so many distractions..

This is not just making lemonade from lemons.. Think about it: being at home a lot more is an extraordinarily rare break from life as usual and from consumerism. Of course, you can watch TV and clips on youtube made by toxic personalities all day, you can read about things that keep you angry, you can keep doing what you have done a decade ago too; or you can change your life:

you can change your addictions, you can let go of people who are not meant to be in your life, you can let go of garbage in the home and in your backyard, you can decide to take in completely new information, completely new impressions, healthy nutrition, you can improve structures and processes and many details of your life that you have the power to improve. You can let yourself breathe.

While lockdowns are not the best strategy to deal with a health scare, I don’t imagine for one second that this is going to last, and therefore, my reactions to such obstacles (restrictions) are not really needed…

I have a list of things I want to upgrade; and I will use this time to do that. “Go with what works. Don’t go with what doesn’t work. Don’t keep knocking on closed doors. Walk through the open doors!” Over the years, I have shared this attitude so often that it doesn’t sound new to you anymore.. This is how life communicates, and the wise can hear it.

I am sending thanks to many medical teams who have shown up for the people this year. I am sending light to all who suffer with infections. I am sending regard to all with compromised immune systems and our older people. I am sending vitality to the human family – we will get through it.

No doubt, our animal cousins, the waters and many soils have benefited from the anthropause in 2020. This year was a small balancing act toward coexistence and awareness about our other-than-human neighbours and what sustains us.

22 December 2020

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