Happy Birthday To Paul Weller

Since starting his career in music as a teen, Paul Weller has been a prolific songwriter and a memorable singer of messages that move the soul and are often easy to dance or groove to. He has no plan to retire. Paul Weller loves music too much. Lucky for us fans and future fans. SinceContinue reading “Happy Birthday To Paul Weller”

Happy Birthday To Julia Cameron.

I need to write a longer writing of thanks to this Lady Of Creativity, whose work has been a companion to me since her first book ‘The Artist’s Way’. I have given The Artist Way to so many creative friends in the 1990s, who back in the day did not really know what to doContinue reading “Happy Birthday To Julia Cameron.”

Develop That Gift!

Once the interest is there, the aptitude can be developed. And it feels like play. The question is not why so many don’t, because the answer is obvious; the question is how will you prioritize your interest. So many people get caught up in consumerism, addictions, habits that distract them from the pain of havingContinue reading “Develop That Gift!”

What Are You Rewarding?

What you encourage grows. What you react to can grow too — because it feels validated and claims the power to expand. Punishing what pains or chains you or self-hate because you can’t resist it effectively belong to an approach that hasn’t worked all that well to create what you want and love. Instead of shooting backContinue reading “What Are You Rewarding?”

Enhance the Good, Enhance the Beautiful

It is always possible to beautify your life. If you love it, you will do just that. It starts with attention. Look long enough until you see the elements of beauty in your life. Then enhance them. It is very easy to complain about what we have been handed, about situations we can not agreeContinue reading “Enhance the Good, Enhance the Beautiful”

Present To Yourself

About Preferences: Allow yourself to like what you like. Because you will like it at the end of the day and after you exhaust all the reasons about why perhaps you “shouldn’t” like it so intensely. And what about that what you don’t like that much? No good will, no fairness, no equanimity, no onenessContinue reading “Present To Yourself”

You Can Recreate Yourself Without Drama

You don’t need a heated argument with your significant other or those you love the most, you don’t need a heavy clash with your colleague, you don’t need to lose all your possessions or your health to live in an exciting though sober way. Give yourself permission to make your dream come true. No sacrifice to peaceContinue reading “You Can Recreate Yourself Without Drama”

A Friend to Myself

Familiar with myself, I can befriend or be at peace with others. Being a friend to myself, I trust my instincts about what and who is right for my well-being. I love discovering myself, becoming healthier, feeling better and better, seeing the warm richness in my psyche, the courage in my mind, and the loveContinue reading “A Friend to Myself”

Be the Music In the Noise

You can’t wipe out ugliness with a little less ugliness, since you are still competing with it. Living out of a reactionary spirit pleases only those who push your buttons. They love it when they get the desired reaction — that is how they win their games that noone else is meant to win. It is youContinue reading “Be the Music In the Noise”

Something In My Heart  –  The Key to Authentic Expression

A few years ago, just before coming out as a Recovering Artist (yes, there is such a thing, if you are an artist in hiding, and I was hiding behind supportive roles, mentoring, excuses, self-sabotage, frequently pulling myself out of situations that happened to me to wake me up to the truth that my lifeContinue reading “Something In My Heart  –  The Key to Authentic Expression”

Choose the Best, Then Use Your Best

While manifesting, hold the sensation of what you are trying to experience: the end product of your manifestation or the feeling you are trying to reach with your manifestation. Nothing far-flung is required of you in order to manifest a specific outcome — a situation, a result, an effect –. Only three things: time, attention,Continue reading “Choose the Best, Then Use Your Best”

Contrast? Nah. Attunement!

By pointing out ugly deeds or who the ugly people are, you haven’t created a beautiful world and you haven’t made yourself a beautiful person. Contrast has its place and time, but it is an effect — shocking, sharp and short-lived — not a lifestyle. Your creative energy seeks its own contentment. It has aContinue reading “Contrast? Nah. Attunement!”

Like a River Through a Riverbed

Just a bit of forethought and good habits repeated are the structure through which the endless supply of creativity flows like a river flows through a riverbed. The waters of creativity are everywhere: in the moisture of the air, in the insides of the earth that is your daily life. Carve out the riverbed. MakeContinue reading “Like a River Through a Riverbed”

State of Emergency

#selfisolation #stateofemergency #March2020 #coronavirus #intheneighbourhood I am grateful to the kind neighbours who make themselves available to those who have difficulty obtaining medicine and provisions. It is so healing to observe the humane and loving attitudes in the neighbourhood. I already took care of this household, days before the state of emergency was declared. IContinue reading “State of Emergency”