What Are You Rewarding?

What you encourage grows.

What you react to can grow too — because it feels validated and claims the power to expand.

Punishing what pains or chains you or self-hate because you can’t resist it effectively belong to an approach that hasn’t worked all that well to create what you want and love.

Instead of shooting back (at situations you have no control over), and instead of harming yourself, think deeply about what you desire. Think about it long and in detail.

Reward it amply.

Reward it amply, even when you only come across traces of it. Give it approval and your smiles. Let it know that you like what you see. Respond warmly to everything you want to see grow.

Life is dynamic, trends grow and fade, nothing stays the same. In 2 decades, a child grows up, consciousness evolves, a business thrives, seedlings grow into a forest — none of it happens in a flash. If what you seed now was for the future of your dreams, how would you choose, what would you do? Guess what: this is what your everyday choices are creating. Why not choose fully awake?

The power of love feeds what will endure, come back, regenerate and please again. Appreciation motivates life. Trust it.

React to the good, withdraw your ardour from the not so good — that is a standard that you can keep. Don’t be too surprised if others aiming to grow their dream borrow your style.

Reward quality, the quality you want to saturate your life with, the quality you want to make happen. Not the lack of it.

What you reward will grow bigger.

7 June 2017

#createwithlove #atractwithlove

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