Goodbye, October. Welcome, November.

Painting by Ken Ahlering, Visit him at

—The End Of the Harvest, October’s Blue Moon, Full Moon In Taurus —

It is the Day of Dead weekend. The veil between the visible and the invisible realm is thin. The moon is full, as we transition from one month to another. It should be a memorable night.

The moon is in Taurus, the archetype of natural prosperity. Moon in Taurus affects the throat, the neck, the thymus gland, the communication centre, the Vishuddha chakra, the voice, the tongue, the ears. Offer those body parts support and attention. Your body will respond in kind to a gentle neck massage, to aloe vera juice or a warm tea with herbs that soothe your throat, to pure essential oils that help you breathe easier, to a cozy scarf around your neck, to a bath with fruity or floral scents, to repetitive, relaxing sounds. When the moon is full, our bodies absorb very well; so whatever you take in orally, through your skin, and through your ears, let it be something that boosts your well-being.

Outdoors, in the Northern hemisphere, the harvest season is coming to an end. Many people enjoy the colourful sights of fall, the cooler days, the prospects of a slower pace, of curling up with a good book at night, near a fire place maybe, with a warm beverage and a piece of apple pie with cinnamon. Other people do not do so well when day light gets shorter, the wind blows and trees lose their foliage — if you belong to the latter group, comfort yourself with your favourite music, the sensual impressions of light and of green life indoors (house jungles are trending for a reason!), and move your body more. Sweat.

On May Day, in 6 months again, and 6 months ago too, the focus goes (went) to descendants and to the future, to pleasure, to the fullness of life. Hallow’s Eve or Halloween is the complimentary, opposite homage to those who have gone before us. We remember the ancestors, their good deeds, their love, and everything that they left us and that we value. If you feel so inclined, light a candle. Offer gratitude to your relatives in the other realm and to your spiritual ancestors and teachers. Ask them to back you. Many cultures have kept the custom of requesting approval and help from the ancestors and find it normal to want to be in the good graces of the elders. In spring, I decided that this week I would ask my ancestors to assist me with my creative projects, family harmony, and wealth creation.

On a less subtle plane, I have added plant matter to the soil, as compost and as cover against the elements. Winter will come to my corner of the earth soon. It felt good to improve the soil that will grow the food I will eat, once the snow is gone.

2020 has been a dramatic year for many people. I too had to digest negative and sad surprises. However, this year has given me many epiphanies as well, and I acted on them. An epiphany is given to you so that you can overhaul some aspects of your life and adapt to your expanded view and insight. So while this year had tragedies and sad moments, this is not my worst year, not by far.

I notice awakenings, initiative, and people contemplating, wondering how they will apply their time and resources towards goals that make them feel good and satisfy their core desires. In the last months, I have witnessed many examples of introspection and the will to make kinder choices. A shift is happening, and it is a promising one.

Enjoy the moon bath today. If you are dressing up, have fun. If you have decorated your garden for the occasion, share a photo of it.

I do not experience this day as “dark”, but as plush. Maybe it is the full moon. Or my ancestors are broadcasting to me that I am on the right path? I anticipate some very good news in the near future. I guess, I have reasons to expect good events.

I am grateful to send a blessing of abundance to everyone who is open to receive it.

31 October 2020


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