Full Moon In Late January, Full Moon In Leo: You Matter!

Oh wow, it is a full moon again. A full Moon in Leo. Moon in Leo is a good hair day! Get a haircut — if you want to keep your mane, make it grow fast and thick (thick for your hair type, that is) and repair any kind of damage to your hair. Whether your hairContinue reading “Full Moon In Late January, Full Moon In Leo: You Matter!”

Full Moon No. 2 In November: Fortune Favours the Bold

Happy full Beaver Moon. If you were up before dawn and lucky enough to have a clear sky, you saw the full moon in its glory. The moon is still full — you can look up now. Full moons are about maximum absorption, while new moons are about maximum detox, as I mentioned in myContinue reading “Full Moon No. 2 In November: Fortune Favours the Bold”

Goodbye, October. Welcome, November.

—The End Of the Harvest, October’s Blue Moon, Full Moon In Taurus — It is the Day of Dead weekend. The veil between the visible and the invisible realm is thin. The moon is full, as we transition from one month to another. It should be a memorable night. The moon is in Taurus, theContinue reading “Goodbye, October. Welcome, November.”

Wooohooo, October 2020.

A fresh new month, and it starts with a full moon. Take in the blessing of being alive. “I feel so neeew. It’s all beginning. It’s game on. I feel so neeew. Yeah, blank page, awkward age, call this day 1. And I’m in the moment, and I’m in the black. A whole lot ofContinue reading “Wooohooo, October 2020.”