Full Moon No. 2 In November: Fortune Favours the Bold

Happy full Beaver Moon. If you were up before dawn and lucky enough to have a clear sky, you saw the full moon in its glory. The moon is still full — you can look up now. Full moons are about maximum absorption, while new moons are about maximum detox, as I mentioned in myContinue reading “Full Moon No. 2 In November: Fortune Favours the Bold”

A New Day for Love

A new day to cherish the life forcethat runs through every living beingand me too.A new day to bless my homeand the feeling of home in it.A new day given by the earth and the sunwho in their tantric danceand their love for lifemake food for the bodyand food for the soul.A new day toContinue reading “A New Day for Love”

Breathe In With Appreciation, Breathe Out With Gratitude

Once you notice the feeling you want to feel rising inside you and blooming, hold it like you hold your breath, then release it with gratitude to the All That Is. “Breathing in, I feel my bliss expanding; breathing out, I thank this life with my bliss.” … Pay attention to it. Savour it. TheContinue reading “Breathe In With Appreciation, Breathe Out With Gratitude”