A New Day for Love

A new day to cherish the life forcethat runs through every living beingand me too.A new day to bless my homeand the feeling of home in it.A new day given by the earth and the sunwho in their tantric danceand their love for lifemake food for the bodyand food for the soul.A new day toContinue reading “A New Day for Love”

Dawn of a Sublime Day

Honest Work, the Reiki Rule This is the dawn of a sublime day.I take the momentto welcome the highest vibrationinto my service, into my senses,into the ways I show up,how I dress and walk,talk and receivetoday. I intend to meet all my expectations:I face procrastination and conquer it.I move forward in a proactive style.I takeContinue reading “Dawn of a Sublime Day”