Dawn of a Sublime Day

Ontario morning

Honest Work, the Reiki Rule

This is the dawn of a sublime day.
I take the moment
to welcome the highest vibration
into my service, into my senses,
into the ways I show up,
how I dress and walk,
talk and receive

I intend to meet all my expectations:
I face procrastination and conquer it.
I move forward in a proactive style.
I take credit for my work.

I accept compliments for the benefits
I splash on the people I meet
with grace
to honour
the time and care I give to my work
and to honour Source
whose energy I borrow often
and to whom it returns.
Humanity advances in light and dignity
when it recognizes good work.
Although I don’t do it for the reward,
reward is the full circle that completes the giving.
Balance suggests a path beyond chronic exhale.
The endorsements that come back
are signs that my life is growing in harmony
and that respect and inspiration
move and stretch people.
Both news make me glad
and seal an old would
that has been crying
for healing for too long.

I complete my projects so I can be at peace.
I speak with love
and when needed, with firm love.
I say what needs to be said,
I say what needs to be heard
with poise.
I forgo conformity.
I let myself stand out.

I trust the process:
the love I put into my work
led me to the level I am at
and more of the same
leads to the elevated expression
of what I am offering now.
I let it in.

At the end of the day
I see myself smile
because I have bright memories
of having made a difference
once again.
My self-worth rests on my agreeing
with what I have made of this day.
I want to listen to sizzling music
that crowns the evening
and sets the tone
for the day that follows.

7 May 2015

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