Develop That Gift!

Once the interest is there, the aptitude can be developed. And it feels like play. The question is not why so many don’t, because the answer is obvious; the question is how will you prioritize your interest. So many people get caught up in consumerism, addictions, habits that distract them from the pain of havingContinue reading “Develop That Gift!”

Born On This Day: Georgia O’Keeffe

Interesting fact about Georgia O’Keeffe who was born on this day in 1887: The painter turned down many interviews or cut them short when she noticed that she was expected to make statements about how she felt about women’s empowerment. Her artwork — highly sensual, stunning depictions of the sacred feminine or the sacred feminineContinue reading “Born On This Day: Georgia O’Keeffe”

What Are You Rewarding?

What you encourage grows. What you react to can grow too — because it feels validated and claims the power to expand. Punishing what pains or chains you or self-hate because you can’t resist it effectively belong to an approach that hasn’t worked all that well to create what you want and love. Instead of shooting backContinue reading “What Are You Rewarding?”

You Can Recreate Yourself Without Drama

You don’t need a heated argument with your significant other or those you love the most, you don’t need a heavy clash with your colleague, you don’t need to lose all your possessions or your health to live in an exciting though sober way. Give yourself permission to make your dream come true. No sacrifice to peaceContinue reading “You Can Recreate Yourself Without Drama”

Uneventful Days

Stay on course on uneventful days. It is the less intense days that offer spaciousness, a friendly break from soap operas, a yummy opportunity to appreciate your journey. The better you tolerate beige days, the saner you are. A meditator welcomes such days for practice. A creative knows that these days precede manifestation. Tranquility isContinue reading “Uneventful Days”


As a creative, one of the most significant life themes you will master, is your sensitivity: you will replace self-doubt with more creativity and you will move away from critics who operate from a completely different part of their brain, or inner setting, and don’t experience their uninterrupted criticism (and fight within themselves), as aContinue reading “Outflow”

Make the Good Famous

What a pleasant surprise when you hear a previously almost unknown musician or band on the radio or while walking through a mall. You have known them for a few years, because you love music. Not because you gravitate to “alternative”, but because you gravitate to quality music. Though now mainstream music covers hoes andContinue reading “Make the Good Famous”

Resilience through Self-Compassion

The only good that comes out of a series of heartbreaks is that, while you are having one, you know that you will get through it and be fine after. People who live guarded, or doubt that you can be hurt by anything but by your own thoughts, are out of touch with passion. MaybeContinue reading “Resilience through Self-Compassion”

Because We Have to Evolve

Unfortunately, culture is not accustomed to nonalcoholic or postalcoholic philosophies and arts and very ungenerous to the brilliance of nonalcoholic thinkers and artists. That will change in the future. NJ 23 June 2019

Dawn of a Sublime Day

Honest Work, the Reiki Rule This is the dawn of a sublime day.I take the momentto welcome the highest vibrationinto my service, into my senses,into the ways I show up,how I dress and walk,talk and receivetoday. I intend to meet all my expectations:I face procrastination and conquer it.I move forward in a proactive style.I takeContinue reading “Dawn of a Sublime Day”